Great Places to Hang Out on Campus: Greyhouse Coffee

If you’re tired of hanging out in your dorm, apartment, or house, I’m here to tell you about some awesome places around campus that are great to give you something new! Today the focus is on the amazing coffee shop conveniently located on the corner of Northwestern and State, called Greyhouse.


Beyond having the best tasting coffee around, they have a variety of other options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even better, the warm and welcoming environment makes Greyhouse a fantastic place to hang out whether you’re alone or with a group of friends. They always welcome their customers with a happy smile and kind greeting, and I think it is easy to feel at home the second you step inside! I’ll break down some of the details of the shop, which I know will be enough to convince you to check it out for yourself!

I can almost guarantee the first thing you’ll notice at Greyhouse is how uniquely and beautifully decorated it is! Like I said before, this helps create a super welcoming environment – I usually don’t want to leave once I get there. Once you place your order at the always-friendly counter, you go back to see a large room full of tables, chairs, and super comfortable lounge chairs. The only negative is it is usually quite difficult to find a seat, because it always seems to be packed. This is obviously a good problem to have, and I’ve never had a problem eventually getting a seat after waiting for only a few minutes.

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My favorite aspect of Greyhouse, of course, is their wonderful menu. I mean it when I say Greyhouse will immediately beat out any of your favorite chain coffee shops and cafes. There’s plenty to choose from, including coffee drinks like mochas and a uniquely delicious drink called Dr. Strangelove. If coffee isn’t for you, there’s a great variety of tea lattes, including the London Fog and the Chamomile Honey Latte. The crepes are all scrumptious, and you can never go wrong with any of the choices of gelato. To see the full menu, visit their official site,, and click on the “Menu” tab!

Some other fun facts about Greyhouse that make it even more enticing is that they operate as a not-for-profit organization who want to make West Lafayette an all-around better community! There’s free high-speed Internet available inside, so you can always have access on your laptop if you’d like to stick around after your snack and study in a peaceful setting. You can check out more of these attractive details at . As if all of this wasn’t enough, they provide live music and other entertainment almost every Friday night!

So what are you waiting for? Go try something new and stop in at Greyhouse. While you’re there, try my favorite drink for me, a Crème Brulee! I hope it becomes your new favorite place to hang out and you have a blast Boilers! ☺ -Kaleigh

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