Grades, Registration PIN, and Staff Vacations!

We hope that your finals went well and that your travels home and abroad were uneventful!  For those who still have Friday and Saturday finals, our sympathies and best wishes for success.

Final grades will be available on MyPurdue at around 9 am on Wednesday, Dec. 18th.

  • To view them, go to Academic Tab > Transcripts category heading > Unofficial Transcript. This will show you both your final grades and your “standing” at Purdue (Dean’s List, Honors, Probation, etc.).  Grades alone can also be viewed on this same tab under Final Grades.
  • Please check your Purdue e-mail around this time.  We may have some critical information or questions for you concerning your academic status or coursework.
  • If you spot a grade that doesn’t seem right, immediately e-mail your professor.  They may be on vacation, so have patience.
  • We’ll post a chart here on The Right Track to help you decide whether you need to retake a course.  Otherwise, if you have questions, please contact your academic advisor.  If you have CODO’d for Spring 2014, you will need to contact your new advisor.

If you have registered for Spring 2014 classes, your Registration PIN is available to you on MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration Tools category heading > Registration PIN.  MyPurdue is open between Nov. 25 and Jan. 20 to any student for course changes, additions, and deletions.

The University will officially be closed for the winter holidays on Dec. 25, 26, 27, and Jan. 1.  Otherwise, there will be at least one advisor available in our office to answer questions.

  • Many advisors are taking vacation between Dec. 20 and Jan. 3.  E-mail your advisor during this period or call the Exploratory Studies office number: (765) 494-0843.
  • If you send an e-mail, look for a “automatic out-of-office message”.  It should indicate the advisor’s availablility and who to contact if they are not in the office.  We advisors have a “back-up” person we’ve tagged to help our students should we be out.

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