Getting Through the Daily Grind

If you’re like most college students, caffeine is one of your closest friends. If you’re not dependent on it yet, you may want to prepare yourself for the inevitable. Lucky for you, Purdue has an abundance of coffee shops to get you through those stressful exam weeks, lengthy group meetings, and inescapable all-nighters.

Many of our academic buildings have little coffee places, but I’ll cover a few of the best places that you can go to catch up with a friend, have a quiet meeting, or peacefully study before class.

Purdue Memorial Union

The Union offers three great spots for coffee! Starbucks is the go-to for many students, but the lines there can get really long, especially between classes in the afternoon. If you’re going to the Starbucks in the union, make sure you’ve got some time to kill! If you’re in a hurry and want an espresso beverage like Starbucks has, check out the Oasis down the hall from Starbucks. The Oasis is a nice place for coffee and lunch, and makes a fantastic white-mocha. Last for the union, if you’re trying to just get your fix of a regular brewed coffee, Urban Market has a good selection of coffee to choose from too!

Chauncey Village Area

If you’re looking for something a little more peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of campus, there are two coffee shops in the Chauncey Village area that are great for studying and relaxing! The first is Vienna Coffee, which is just east of the corner of State St. and Northwestern Ave. Vienna has a broad selection of drinks and baked goods to choose from, as well as an abundance of comfy furniture for lounging. Right on the corner of State and Northwestern and pretty close to Vienna is Greyhouse Coffee Co. Greyhouse makes a delicious crème brulee latte, and sells coffee beans and teas to take home too! Like Vienna, they have a good selection of foods, but also offer gelato and hot crepes. Greyhouse fills up quick at in the evening, so get there early to claim a good study spot.

I hope these great places on campus offer you some relaxation and fuel for your exam weeks ahead! You can check out Purdue’s Dining Services for a full list of places to get coffee on campus!

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