Final Grades Posted Tomorrow (May 11)

Well, the wait is almost over!  Spring Grades will be posted tomorrow, May 11th, after 9:00 am on myPurdue > Academics Tab > Final Grades link.   Watch your Purdue e-mail for messages from your advisor or from the Registrar concerning unmet pre-requisites, honor roll congrats, or information about probation.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you view your grades:

  • If you feel that the grade you earned was mis-calculated or mis-entered and you have sufficient proof (i.e. Blackboard gradebook, your personal records, returned tests or scantrons, etc.), please contact your professor or the main lecture instructor for the course immediately.  Their contact information should be on the syllabus.  Be polite, patient, and persistent!
  • Unless you gave your parents permission to view myPurdue, they will not receive notification of your grades.  It is your responsibility to talk them about it.  Your advisor cannot answer their questions concerning your grades, as it is a FERPA violation (the national law that protects your educational records).

After grades are posted, MyPurdue is likely to be relatively slow as students change their schedules in response to final grades.  Here are some tips for changing courses:

  • MyPurdue is currently open to all students for schedule modifications through June 4th at noon.  Then MyPurdue will close until July 18th at 9:00 a.m.  So, if you need to make schedule changes, make them soon!
  • If you have used your PIN in order to add either Fall or Summer classes, then it is available to you on myPurdue > Registration Tab > Registration PIN.
  • Only courses taken at Purdue Regional Campuses (Calumet, North Central, IPFW, and IUPUI) will replace grades taken at Purdue West Lafayette – but only if the course is the exact same number.  For example, ECON E-201 taken at IUPUI will NOT replace ECON 251 taken at Purdue West Lafayette.

If you are taking courses outside of the Purdue system, here are some things to remember:

  • If you are taking a course during the summer to meet a pre-requisite for a Fall class, you must let your academic advisor know!  Otherwise, the Registrar will drop your Fall course and you may not be able to re-add it.
  • Courses taken outside the Purdue system transfer for credit only.  Students need to earn a C- or better for the transfer to occur.  Check the Transfer Credit Database to see if the course at the summer college has an equivalent at Purdue:
  • At the end of the summer, have the summer college send an official transcript to this address: (click on “Transfer Credit Guidelines.”



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