Exploratory College Welcome – LOCATION CHANGE!

Hi Exploratory Students!

This is a reminder of Exploratory Studies *BGR College Welcome* on Friday, August 22 from 2-4pm.  The location has changed due to potential for rain and high heat.  We are now meeting in the Turf Recreation Exercise Center (TREC) – see map below, but the TREC is located behind the Co-Rec/next to the Boilermaker Aquatic Center with entry from 3rd Street by the PU Fire Department.  The first 425 students to enter will receive a coupon for FREE frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf in the Purdue Village.

So in summary, why should you attend?

  • *We have tons of giveaways!!!*
  • The TREC is Purdue’s indoor intramural field; attending our welcome grants you a sneak peek into this awesome Purdue facility!
  • The TREC is air conditioned!  Weathers calls for 90+ degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.
  • You get to meet and interact with others from Exploratory Studies               TREC

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