Dynamic Resources for Pre-Professional Students

The new Pre-Professional Advising Office is running at full-speed, open to speak to students interested in preparing for careers in medicine, allied health, law, and veterinary medicine!  Their new website is in the works, but until then check out their current website, packed with lots of information.  We particularly recommend Current Students > Career Information, Current Students > General Information, or Links > Professional Organizations to our exploring students.  Freshman year is the ideal time to begin researching professional school requirements, student club, and professional organizations!

Students who are interested in staying in the Pre-Professional know should definately sign up for the Pre-Professional Listserv.  There is also a list of Upcoming Pre-Professional Events (including the IU Law Bus Trip).  Not all events will hold much interest for the freshman or sophomore, but it can offer them a timetable of what to expect when they’re juniors and seniors!

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