Dropping Courses

Students can continue to drop courses via MyPurdue until Sept. 8th. Please contact your advisor before making any changes to your schedule.

Between Sept. 9th and the 22nd, an advisor’s signature on a permission form is required to drop a course.  The course will remain on your transcript as “withdrawn (W), ” but this does not affect your GPA. Please contact your advisor to find out how to pick up a form.  An appointment may be necessary.

Between Sept. 23rd and Oct. 29th, both an advisor’s and instructor’s signature on a permission form is required to drop a course.  Students who have 30 or fewer hours earned (i.e. you earned grades in them or transferred them in from high school or college) will earn a “W” in a dropped course on their transcript.  Students with 31 hours or greater will either earn a “W” or “WF” on their transcripts, depending on if they are passing or failing the course at the time of drop.  Neither a “W” nor a “WF” affects GPA.

Between now and Oct. 29, students may also withdraw all of their courses for the semester with a “W” and return to restart next semester.  Refunds for tuition and fees decrease from 80% to 0% between now and Oct. 6.  However, for students who run into family issues or extreme illness, this can save them from a potentially disasterous semester.

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