Drop and Add Deadlines for Late Jan. – Early Feb.

A few reminders about drop and add deadlines:

As of Jan. 21st, In order to add a class or modify a section:

  • Contact your academic advisor and pick up a Form 23 from them
  • Take it to the instructor or professor of the class you want to add.  Have him/her sign the form and indicate the CRN(s) of the new course.
  • Sign the form where it says “Student Signature”
  • Take the Form 23 to Hovde Hall, room 45 (The Registrar’s Office).  They’ll immediately process the add.
  • Then check MyPurdue to make sure that all your hard work paid off!

Courses can be added or modified through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 10th.

Remember:  It is always the decision of the instructor or professor to add new students to their class!  They know the challenges of their course best and base their decision on whether they feel you can be successful starting late.  That being said, the later students attempt to add a class, the more likely it is they will be denied entrance.

In order to drop a course:

  • Courses can still be dropped via MyPurdue by the student through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 27th.
  • Jan. 28th – Feb. 10th: Students will need to pick up a signed Form 23 from their advisor and take it directly to The Registrar’s Office (HOVDE 45).  Students will receive a “W” on their transcript for the course.  A “W” is not figured into the GPA.
  • There is no need to notify the professor or instructor of a class you want to drop (unless you want to!)
  • Check your textbook receipts for return and refund deadlines.

The full set of Drop/Add Deadlines for Fall 2013 – 14 are available on the The Registrar’s Website.

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