Classes 411: English

Hey Boilermakers!

We are on the homestretch now! In no time, we will all be hopefully enjoying a fun, relaxing, and well deserved summer break! This also means we all need to schedule classes for the upcoming Fall semester…and that’s why I am here.

If you have an affinity for literature, simply love reading, or want to try out one of the many English courses offered here at Purdue, I have a few suggestions. ENGL 230 and EGL250 are superb classes for those of you who love to read the classics. ENGL230 is specifically great narrative works and ENGL 250 is Great American books. I am told the chances are rather high you have already read or  know the general story for most of the books so don’t be discouraged by the amount of reading required! If reading, analyzing, and discussing is something you love to do, don’t miss out on these classes!

If your passion lies more on the writing side of English class spectrum then I advise you check out ENGL205 – Creative Writing. This will be the time to let your imagination take the reigns and express yourself in different scenarios and prompts.

Not interested in an additional English class? Was ENGL 106 enough for you? Don’t worry, I have one last suggestion. If you love thunderstorms, tornados, and crazy weather in general EAS 138 just might be the class for you! It’s almost a guarantee this will be one of the more interesting science classes you take on campus.

Also, don’t forget to check out my other blog posts! I have discussed many fun, interesting courses that cover a wide array of topics in the past. So if you’re stumped on how to fill your schedule, be sure to take a look.

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