Chinese Placement Test (October 16, 2017)

From Marianne Gupta, Senior Academic Advisor, School of Languages and Cultures:

This is to let you know that the next placement test in CHINESE will be

  • Monday, October 16
  • 7-9pm
  • SC G030

What to bring:

  • Permission Form (from their advisor, signed by their advisor)
  • Photo ID card

There is NO FEE at this time. Yay!

You will get your results immediately after the placement test.  You’ll receive a (usually yellow) card on which exam results and the suggested next course(s) will be written. You should return this card to your advisor for safekeeping.

Heritage speakers (those who learned Chinese at home, from parents, not in a structured classroom environment) should take this placement test.

Native speakers (those who lived in a Mandarin – speaking environment at least to the age of 14 – or beyond) may NOT take the placement test. The language of instruction in their high school does not matter.

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