Change to Course Adding Process

Starting today, Sept. 2nd, the process to add courses has changed.  From now until Sept. 22nd, students will need both the advisor’s and the instructor’s signature in order to add a course or change the time of an existing course.  Contact your advisor to find out how to pick up a form.  You may need to make an appointment.

To investigate course options, including those sections that are closed: Use MyPurdue -> Look Up Classes to see available sections for the course you want to add.  Then attend the section with your permission form in hand.  To find an instructor’s e-mail: Use MyPurdue -> Look Up Classes -> Click on the CRN of the section you want to add -> Click on the envelope icon next to the instructor’s name to see their e-mail.  This is a slower strategy and often not as effective as showing up for the class.

Instructors (or their course coordinators) have the final say about who they allow to add their course.  They can add students to closed classes, if they have physical space and if you’re not too far behind.  However, if they say no, do not take it personally.  It may simply be too late to catch up and they are saving you from earning a poor grade in the course.


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