Just in Time Job Fair (April 13)

Just in Time Job Fair: Thursday, April 13th, 2017 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Purdue Memorial Union Ballrooms.

The Just in Time Job Fair is the last opportunity in the spring semester for companies interested in meeting with Purdue students to fill both full-time and internship opportunities. Each year, approximately 500 students attend from most majors. Open to all students in all majors.

Make sure to login (or create) your MyCCO Account to find out which companies will be attending.

Academic Tech Goodies

Spotted in the window of the Envision Center for Data Perceptualization (Hallway between Union and STEW):

There are 4 ways to get free or discounted software at Purdue:

1) Computer Labs:  ITaP computer are stocked with all sorts of software goodies that you can use for free.  To find a computer lab, see if computers are available, or how much money is left in your print quota, check out the ITaP Instructional Labs page.

2) Go Remote: This allows you to “borrow” software for a limited time using Purdue’s license.  Start at https://goremote.itap.purdue.edu and then log in using your Purdue Career account.  If your computer does not already have Citrix software on it, you will have to download it from this site before being able to borrow software.

3) Purchase:  ITaP’s Software Licensing and Distribution works with different vendors to procure a discounted software rate.  Of interest to Mac users might be the discounted Microsoft Office for Mac for only $20!  Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 is also another new set of software available.

4) No Charge: The University also sponsors the licensing fees for some student software, such as SAS, virus scans, JMP, NVivo, etc.  Rumor has is that Microsoft will soon be offering free downloads of its Office 365 product.

Fast Follow Purdue Emergency Sign up

From Purdue’s Campus Safety Status page:

Fast Follow Purdue Emergency

Twitter’s “Fast Follow” feature allows you to receive Purdue Emergency text message alerts without signing up for a Twitter account. Just text “follow purdueemergency” to 40404. You will receive a text message confirming your request.

Once you have set up “Fast Follow,” you can:

  1. Text “OFF” to 40404 to temporarily stop receiving text message alerts from Twitter.
  2. Text “ON” to 40404 to begin receiving text message alerts again.
  3. Text “unfollow purdueemergency” to 40404 to stop receiving purdueemergency text message alerts.

If you have a Twitter account, follow “purdueemergency” to see alerts on your Twitter home page. You also have the option to receive alerts via text message through your Twitter account.

Purdue Emergency twitter account: https://twitter.com/purdueemergency
Questions about Fast Following?  Check out Twitter’s info page!

EXPL’s Amazing Advisors: Cara Wetzel

We’re starting a new series that is all about our amazing EXPL advisors! We’ll feature one of our current advisors in each post that will give you a chance to get to know them more. Be sure to check back for other stories from each of our advising staff.

Cara photo

This post is all about Cara Wetzel!

Cara Wetzel has been an advisor with Exploratory Studies since 2008. However, she previously worked in the math department as an advisor as well. While she enjoyed her time there, she said that she only got to see her students once a semester to schedule classes and never really got to know them. EXPL is much different.

“In EXPL, we get to teach EDPS 105 to our own students, which has helped me learn more about my students in one semester than I could in 4 years before,” Cara said.

While Cara loves being an advisor, it wasn’t always the career she had envisioned for herself. In college she majored in math because she was good at it in high school and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. Her opportunity to become an advisor came when she was at a crossroads in her life, so she decided to take it. Due to having a wonderful undergraduate advisor, a plethora of life experiences, and an open mind, Cara took advising in stride and is still enjoying it today.

For her, advising is very rewarding and she likes seeing the progress students make.

“Student comes in determined that a certain major is absolutely right for them,” Cara said. “Then Student takes EDPS 10500 and suddenly realizes there is a whole world out there and starts to really think about what they want.  Every time I get someone to truly think, reflect, and evaluate it makes me smile.”

Cara also believes being a good EXPL student is key to success. She says that a student who is willing to keep an open mind and really dig into why they do or do not like something tends to have the most luck later on in his or her career. Luckily, Purdue is the perfect place for this as it is full of smart, driven students.

The small feel to campus is one of Cara’s favorite things about Purdue. She says it isn’t often that she goes someplace on campus and doesn’t run into someone she knows. She is also a big supporter of the colors black and gold, stating that they are much better than cream and crimson.

Looking back on her career, Cara said she wouldn’t change much as each decision and path along the way has brought her to where she is now. However, if she could change one thing, it would be to do more research in picking and major and using the knowledge and insight she has now back then. She also adds that finding a way to get the power of teleportation would be the cherry on top.

Summer Housing Options

Well, you’ve registered for summer courses, but now where are you going to stay?  Here’s a couple of options:

Purdue Residence Halls: Summer housing is in the air-conditioned McCutcheon or Harrison Halls.  Contract, meal plans, and housing length information: http://www.housing.purdue.edu/Housing/Contracting/Summer.html.

Subleases: These are limited-term contracts with an already establish lease holder in an apartment, rental house, etc.