Applying for Summer 2017 Courses at Purdue Northwest

These are step-by-step instructions for how to apply for Purdue Northwest to then register for summer course.  It’s best to have this done before Purdue Northwest representatives come to register students on March 9th from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm in the East Foyer of Stewart Center (STEW):

Any current Purdue University West Lafayette student wishing to enroll in Summer 2017 courses offered at Purdue University Northwest, Hammond and/or Westville locations, must complete a “Regional Campus Transfer Summer Only” application. This applies to everyone, even those who may have attended a PNW campus in the past.  The application is available via the following Web site: .

  1. Click on “Apply Now” at the top of the screen
  2. Click on “Undergraduate Application”
  3. Click on “Apply Now”
  4. Create a Log In name and a PIN
  5. Scroll down the screen to find the “Regional Campus Transfer Summer Only” application
  6. Complete the application and submit

If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, contact Office of Admissions staff: Hammond campus at (219) 989-2213 or Westville campus at (219) 785-5532.

Summer course schedules for the Hammond, IN and Westville, IN campus classes are available at the Purdue Northwest Schedule of Classes page.




Regional Campus Summer 2017 Registration Visits (March 9)

From Janet Mauck, Office of the Registrar: 

Representatives from Purdue Northwest will be visiting the West Lafayette campus on Thursday, March 9th to register students for Summer 2017 classes.

The PNW representatives will be available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the East Foyer in Stewart Center.  During this event, West Lafayette students can register for summer classes at Purdue Northwest.

IUPUI will not be participating this year, but will most likely be sending an e-mail to students about summer registration.  If you have questions about IUPUI summer course registration, please contact Scott McIntyre at

Check Holds on or after October 4 to Prevent Inability to Register

From Chris Marheine, Office of the Registrar:

This email is to let you know that we will be assigning the emergency contact and financial obligation holds to all active students on Monday, October 3rd.  After that date students will need to clear these holds before they will be able to register for Spring 2017.  Even if they take care of these items now, the hold will still be placed on October 3rd, so students should wait until October 4th to to check and clear these holds!

Instructions for how to clear those holds is here: Emergency Contact and Financial Obligation step-by-step.

Last Day to Drop a Class Using MyPurdue (Sept. 5)

A reminder that Monday, September 5th is the last day to drop a class using MyPurdue and without incurring a “W” (withdraw).  The University counts “W’s” as a court attempt against the three attempt maximum allowed during your college career – so be careful!  Otherwise, a “W” has no affect on your GPA or career prospects.

Courses can be dropped after September 5th, but would require picking up a Form 23 with various signatures.  For details, please read our previous post explaining the Adding and Dropping Deadlines.

Some students are having difficulty dropping courses using Scheduling Assistant.  If you are one of them, please instead use MyPurdue > Registration tab > Add or Drop Classes link.  From there, choose “Drop” from the drop-down boxes next to each part of the course you’d like to get rid of.  Then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  If the course has been dropped, any drop-down boxes will be replaced with the statement “Drop Class [date]”.

Certifying Enrollment at Purdue

Need to prove you’re a student to Health Insurers, Auto Insurers and others?  A service is being offered to students via myPurdue.  You will be able to print enrollment verification for health insurers and other organizations by accessing the Enrollment Certification area under the academic tab.  Select the Enrollment Certification area by clicking on National Student Clearinghouse.

Please note:  If you need your GPA information included on the enrollment certification, you still must visit the Office of the Registrar (Hovde Hall, room 45) so a signature can be obtained.

Last Day to Drop a Course or to Withdraw from the University (March 11)

A reminder that March 11th is the last day to drop a course or to withdraw entirely from the University without documentation.

Sophomores or older (30 or more credits completed):

  • Pick up a drop form from your academic advisor
  • You’ll need your advisor’s signature and your instructor’s signature on the form
  • Take the drop form directly to Hovde Hall, room 45 for processing
  • Depending on whether you are passing or failing the course at the time of drop, your “grade” will either be a “W” (withdraw passing) or “WF” (withdraw failing).  Neither are computed into your GPA.

Freshmen (fewer than 30 credits completed):

  • Pick up a drop form from your academic advisor
  • You’ll just need your advisor’s signature on the form
  • Take the drop form directly to Hovde Hall, room 45 for processing
  • Your “grade” will be a “W,” which is not computed into your GPA

TIP: After you turn in your drop form, please check MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration History to make sure the course has been withdrawn from your schedule.

If you need to withdraw entirely from the University (drop all of your courses):

  • Fill out Withdraw Request Form located at MyPurdue > Academic tab > Withdraw from the University link in the lower right hand corner.
  • Once the form is submitted, you’ll need to call (765) 494-1747 or visit SCHL 207.
  • A Student Support Specialist within the Office of the Dean of Students will help you complete the withdraw process.

Withdrawing means that you can return to Purdue the very next semester.  For more detailed information about withdrawing from the University, including its impact on financial aid, visit