Envision Center Tours (Oct. 3 and 4)

From Faculty Focus (ITaP), September 22nd, 2016:

Specializing in virtual and augmented reality technology, the Envision Center works with faculty and researchers to create educational tools and data visualizations and has access to many technologies not yet released to the general public.

Tours of the Envision Center will take place from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Monday, October 3rd and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 4th.  The Envision Center is located in the underground walkway connecting Stewart Center and the Purdue Memorial Union.

These tours are part of the Dawn or Doom conference.

Exploratory Studies Student Organization Callout! (Sept. 7)

WHO: EXPL Student Organizations

WHAT: Find out how to become involved with Purdue Student Government Representatives, EXPL Ambassadors, and EXPL Peer Mentors organizations. Visit our website to learn more about each organization!

WHEN: Wednesday, September 7th at 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Krach Leadership Center (KRCH),  Room 148

WHY: FREE FOOD! (Need we say more?!) Becoming part of an EXPL student group is a great way to connect with your peers and Purdue, show pride for exploring students everywhere, and develop leadership skills that your future employers want to see.

Oh, and it will be lots of FUN!!! 🙂 Current members of all three organizations will be on hand to welcome new EXPL students, lead some activities, discuss college concerns, and just chat.  We’ll see you at KRCH 148 on September 7th at 6:00 pm!

Car Care for International Students (Sept. 3)

From the International Programs Weekly Update, August 30, 2016:

A second installment of the Car Care for International Students, hosted by China Outreach Ministries will be on Saturday, September 3rd from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm. The event is free and will provide students with various tips, tricks, and discussions on car care. The session will take place at Campus House, 1000 W. State St. (right across from Lilly Hall). Spots are limited, so if interested be sure to RSVP here.

In this session, topics include:

  • Roadside emergencies: changing flat tires, jumping dead car battery, etc.
  • How to check your car’s fluids
  • How to prepare your car for winter (“winterizing” your car)

Getting Involved at Purdue (Fall 2016)

Getting involved at Purdue is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because there are 1000+ clubs and organizations, not to mention outlets for those interested in music, religious worship and service, community service, Greek life, and more.  It’s difficult because the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming!  We encourage you to attend a few call-outs (open meetings for new members), even if it’s your first semester.  It’s a great way to meet a variety of people, build new skills, and explore budding interests.

Call-outs typically happen the first few weeks of each semester, but Fall semester is definitely the key time!  Here are some great resources to investigate your options:

BoilerLink: Your home for Purdue clubs and organizations. Shortcuts to different categories of organizations, like religious, cultural, club sports, and hobbies can be found on the B-Involved page.

Global experiences: The International Center (language courses & events), Study Abroad, MIX (U.S. students helping international students feel at home), Boiler Out (international and U.S. students providing community service), Go! Purdue trips, and more.

Greek and Co-op Life: Great ways to meet people and make a difference in your school and community.

Community Standards Board: Students who love law and want to participate in helping students find their best path might like this opportunity to serve!

Civic Engagement and Leadership Development: Is it time for you to realize your leadership potential?  Find out by investigating the many leadership and community volunteer opportunities at Purdue!

Heart & Soul, Purdue Bells, and All Campus and Community Chorale (AC3): Love music, but don’t want the full-on Glee Club or Purduettes commitment?  Consider one of these groups!

ROTC:  For those looking to serve their country through the armed forces!

Purdue Convocations:  Are you interested in bringing hot new shows to Purdue?  Or maybe you just want to usher for a few hours and get to see a show for free in the process?



Student Employment Options (Fall 2016)

There are many places on campus (and slightly off campus) where you can earn some extra cash during the semester.  Note: Some locations will employ only students who are Federal Work-Study, so check your financial aid status before you interview.

Student Employment I: The Division of Financial Aid has created an excellent website to help you not only find a job on-campus or close by, but to prepare for the interviews, as well.

  • To find work study jobs quickly, go to the jobs page, then click Cntl-F to open the search box for the page. Type in “work study” and all instances of that word will be highlighted on the page.

Student Employment II: Purdue has brought together many of the on-campus job opportunities onto one searchable page.

Recreational Sports Center: Are you an active person interested in fitness and health?  These might the jobs for you!

Information Technology at Purdue: Lots of different types of jobs for those with interests in computers, technology, and problem-solving.

Housing & Food Services: Flexible, student-friendly schedules and great experience-building.

Convocations: Internships, as well as unpaid experiences bringing current acts to Purdue and marketing them.