Driving 101 (March 18)

Driving 101
Wed, Mar 18, 2015, 7:00pm
Co-Rec Boilermaker Room

Purdue Campus Police are hosting a free session for any drivers in the area. They will address “need to know” info on driver’s licenses, vehicle registration, insurance and laws about bikes, mopeds and motorcycles on campus. They will also cover how to handle traffic stops and car accidents. No sign up required.

Summer Sessions – Visualized!

At your registration appointment your advisor may be using new vocabulary to explain the differences between summer sessions at Purdue.  Below is an infographic showing Purdue summer session options, as well as when they begin and end.  Some tips when registering for summer courses:

  • Scheduling Assistant chooses among sessions randomly – as long as they fit into your schedule.  So ALWAYS check the dates of the course before you submit!
  • To see all of the courses in a given session: MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Look Up Classes > Summer 2015 > Advanced Search.  Then select all subjects by clicking on the first subject, holding the Shift key, and clicking on the last subject.  Select your desired “Part of Term.”

Summer School sessions*, ** Courses are listed as ending on August 4 in MyPurdue.

Camp Riley Immersive Summer Course (EPCS 49000, May 18 – June 12)

EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) is offering a three-week immersive design experience during the “Maymester” (May 18 – June 12, 2015) working with the Camp Riley team in Bradford Woods at Martinsville, IN.

Although the camp is very accessible, this EPICS course will focus on designing ways to overcome barriers that still exist at this site for children with disabilities.  Cost is tuition for the course plus $340 to cover transportation, accommodation, and meals at Bradford Woods.  All majors are welcome, but instructor approval is required!  Please e-mail for additional information at epics@purdue.edu.


Upcoming Writing Lab Workshops (March 25, 30, and April 8)

March 25: Writing Lab Workshop: Improving Your Grammar:  Word Choice, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm, HEAV 220

March 30: Writing Lab Workshop: Sentence Clarity, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, HEAV  220

April 8: Writing Lab Workshop: MLA/APA Documentation & Avoiding Plagiarism, 12:30 – 1:30 pm, HEAV 220

Registration prior to the workshop is required.  Call (765) 494-3723 or visit HEAV 226 to sign-up.

For details, visit the Writing Lab workshops page and the International undergraduate workshop page.

How to Verify Your Enrollment

Need to prove you’re a student to Health Insurers, Auto Insurers and others????

Now you can get enrollment verification directly through MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Enrollment Certification area (click on “National Student Clearinghouse”). Please note that if you need your GPA information included on the enrollment certification, you must visit the Office of the Registrar (Hovde Hall (HOVDE), room 45) to obtain their stamp or signature.


Multinational Integration Xchange Leader Callouts (March 24 and 25)

From Annette Benson, Coordinator for Programs and Engagement, Purdue International Programs:

International Programs is looking for both U.S. and international students who enjoy cross-cultural opportunities or who want to increase their cross-cultural competency.  Call-outs for MIX leaders will be March 24 and 25 at 6:00 pm in Stanley Coulter Hall (SC), room 102.

The domestic Multinational Integration Xchange leaders (MIXd):

  • Receive cross-cultural training in April
  • Communicate with students not registered for BGR/BGRi during the month before school begins in August
  • Assist with ISS check during the 4 days before school begins
  • Help international students with their transition needs (shopping, banking, etc.)
  • Maintain regular contact with new international students through the first month of school
  • Attend monthly MIX events during the first semester of school

The international Multinational Integration Xchange leaders (MIXi):

  • Receive cross-cultural training in March
  • Serve as Culture Coaches for the MIXd, assisting with training in April
  • Attend all regularly scheduled MIX events in the fall in their role of Culture Coach
  • Act as liaisons with the new international page of The Exponent
  • Are occasionally invited to speak to local schools