COM 332: Studio Television Production (Fall 2015)

Looking for another class and are interested in the world of TV production?  COM 332 still has seats available.  Here is the course description:

For students interested in exploring careers in broadcasting, television, public relations, advertising, and media production. Students will learn all aspects of television production, including producing, directing, camera, audio, and how to work as on-camera talent.  Students will create television projects and segments throughout the semester, focusing on content such as advertising, news and sports production, and demonstration-based entertainment. For more information contact Professor Doug Osman.

Even though this is a “300-level” course, it is still appropriate for freshman and sophomores.  There are no pre-requisites and no previous experience is required – and you don’t have to be a COM major!

Special Rules for Math Section Changes & Additions

From Charlotte Bailey, Coordinator (15901) and Instructor (15901 & 16010), Mathematics Department:

Note: These rules apply for MA 15300, 15800, 15910, 16010, 16020, and 19000 only.

During Week 1: Students may drop or add a section of these courses through MyPurdue (please consult with your advisor before doing so).

Starting Week 2:

  • Students can still drop courses on MyPurdue (through September 7th).  Please consult your advisor beforehand, as it may affect your ability to CODO or graduate on time.
  • To add a course or change section, students must contact the course coordinator of the course they wish to enter (not the instructor) for MA 15300, 15800, 15910, 16010, and 19000.
    • Consult with your advisor to get the name and contact information of the course coordinator and an Add/Drop Form.
  • MA 16020 is the exception. Students can change or add sections in this course by seeing the instructor of the section they wish to add.  Contact your advisor to learn how to contact the instructor and to pick up an Add/Drop Form.

The last day that a student can add or “drop back” to MA 15300, 15800, or 15910 is Monday, September 21st.  It is also the last day to add MA 19000.


Evening and Final Exams

In many courses, but especially in math and science courses, semester exams are given to all of the sections at once during a single evening time slot.  These are now available on the Unitime Examination Schedule page. Once you log in, make sure the session is set to “Fall 2015” in the upper right-hand corner.  Then, select “Midterm” from the Exams drop-down box.  If you want to check the date and time for a specific exam, use the “Subject” drop-down box to select it.

The “Midterm” category is a bit of a misnomer, as there is usually more than one exam given during a semester before finals.  Remember, Unitime lists all semester exams that are given outside of your regular class time. For example, Unitime will list the three semester Mathematics (MA) exams, because they are all given in the evening outside of class. On the other hand, Unitime currently shows no Midterm exams for Political Science courses.  That is because these exams are likely given during class and the dates for these will be listed in your syllabus.

Most Final Exams are given outside of regular class time.  The dates will be available on Unitime in mid-September.  At that time, just go to the Unitime page, as above, and select “Final” from the Exams drop-down box.  This is important to check early, as University Student Regulations allow you to request that a final exam date be changed if more than two exams occur on the same day. This request must be made to the professor whose exam date you’d like to change before December 4 (the Friday before “dead week.”).

Fall 2015 Add and Drop Deadlines

For those not familiar with the Purdue system, adding and dropping classes is fairly easy during the first few weeks of classes, then becomes harder as the semester progresses.  A one-page chart version of this information is available and includes deadlines for 16-week, first 8-week, and second 8-week courses.  Here are the Add and Drop Deadlines for 16-week (full semester) courses in Fall 2015.

Adding courses:

  • August 24 – August 30Students can add courses using MyPurdue.  They should consult their advisor before adding anything new.  MyPurdue closes to adds after August 30.
  • August 31 – September 21:  Students must pick up an add form from their advisor.  Both the advisor and the instructor of the course they want to add must sign the form.  Then the form must be take to Hovde Hall, room 45 (the Registar’s office) for processing.
  • September 22 – October 28: Students must pick up an add form from their advisor.  Advisor, instructor, and department head signatures are required to add this late.  The form must be then taken to Hovde Hall, room 45.

Dropping courses:

  • August 24 – September 7Students can drop courses using MyPurdue. They should consult their advisor before dropping anything.  MyPurdue closes to drops after September 7.
  • September 8 – September 21: Students must pick up a drop form from their advisor.  The form can then be taken directly to Hovde Hall, room 45 for processing.  Course is recorded with a “W” (withdraw) on the transcript.
  • September 22 – October 28: Students must pick up a drop form from their advisor.
    • Freshman (0 – 29 credit hours completed): Take the form directly to Hovde Hall, room 45.  Course is recorded with a “W” (withdraw) on the transcript.
    • Sophomores and above (30 + credit hours completed): Advisor and instructor signatures are required.  Take the form directly to Hovde Hall, room 45.  Students will earn either a “W” (withdraw) or “WF” (withdraw failing), depending on their current grade in the course. 

October 28 is the last day to drop a class.  It is also the last day to withdraw completely from the University without extensive documentation and committee review.

Info about W’s and WF’s:

  • W’s and WF’s count against a student’s three attempts for a course per University policy.
  • W’s and WF’s count against a student’s Exploratory Studies credit hour limit (if he or she is a transfer, re-admit, CODO-in, or re-entry student).
  • W’s and WF’s are not factored into the semester or cumulative GPAs.

EDSP 10500 Course Packs Available! (Fall 2015)

The EDPS 10500 Course Pack can be purchased from the BoilerCopyMaker Center in the Union (PMU 186) starting on Thursday afternoon.  The BoilerCopyMaker Center is open Mondays – Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The cost is a $24, which includes all the materials and career assessments that you will need for class.

Because of the Center’s printing policies, a course pack may not be immediately available.  It will be printed “on demand,” but will still likely require a return visit. So, please visit the BoilerCopyMaker Center early, just in case this occurs.

Students must have your course pack by the second day of class (Friday, August 28th) to be able to earn full participation points. 

Please continue to check Blackboard for class information, pre-class homework (was due August 16), and announcements.

New Theatre Certificate Programs (Fall 2015)

From Kathleen Korty, Academic Advisor in English & Theatre, College of Liberal Arts:

A new certificate program within the Theatre Department is now available to all majors across the University. Sometimes students don’t have time to pursue a second major, but they want more involvement than what a minor provides.  In those cases, a certificate can be a very good solution.