Open HK Summer 2015 Courses

From Nancy Kester, Senior HK Academic Advisor:

The Department of Health & Kinesiology has removed major restrictions for summer on HK 215, HK 368, and HK 372:

  • HK 215: Basic Public Health Studies (online, May 18 – June 12)
  • HK 368:  Exercise Physiology I (on campus, June 15 – July 10;  pre-requisite: BIOL 204 or BIOL 302)
  • HK 372:  Sport & Exercise Psychology I (on campus, May 18 – June 12; pre-requisite: PSY 120 with grade of C- or better

HK is also offering the following popular electives:

  • HK 225:  Sexuality & Health (on campus, May 18 – June 12)
  • HK 226:  Contemporary Women’s Health (on campus, June 15 – August 4)
  • HK 231:  Substance Abuse & Health (on campus, June 15 – August 4)

IDIS 49000: Study Abroad Re-Entry Seminar (Fall 2015)

From Elizabeth Diaz, CLA Study Abroad & International Programs Director:

An international learning experience, such as Purdue Study Abroad, can have a substantial impact on your life, but those experiences risk being compartmentalized and undeveloped once you return to the U.S.

The aim of IDIS 49000 is to help students process and understand their study abroad experiences by comparing them to current literature and models of culture and communication, developing their own ideas about global citizenship, and learning to articulate and market their personal and professional development.

IDIS 49000 is a 1-credit hour seminar that meets for 50 minutes, once a week, for 16 weeks.  Participating students must have studied abroad in the past year.  Students from all programs and all colleges are welcome to participate in this class.

Students curious about the class can contact the co-instructors, Elizabeth Diaz ( or Margaret Stanny ( Instructor permission will be required to enroll in IDIS 49000.

8-week mid-semester course options

If you are seeking more credit hours for the Spring 2015 semester, consider these options:

Purdue West Lafayette courses; register on MyPurdue; Registration PINs are available at MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration PIN:

  • EAPS 12000: Introduction to Geography
  • HIST 15200: U.S. Since 1877

A new Purdue Calumet-sponsored Online course has opened.  See our previous post for registration information and other options:

  • AD 22200: Introduction to Photography


Second 8-week Course Options

If you are looking to fill a University core requirement or need to increase your total credit hours, here are few options:

1) Purdue West Lafayette Online second 8-week courses (3/9/15 – 5/2/15).  Students can register for these on MyPurdue.  Registration PINs are available at MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration PIN.

  • AD 25500 (CRN 17649)
  • HIST 15200 (CRN 12773)
  • HIST 15200 (CRN 12790)

2) Purdue Calumet-sponsored Online courses (3/16/15 – 5/9/15).  Register at

  • AD 25500 (CRN 71964)
  • COM 11400 (CRN 71965)
  • MUS 25000 (CRN 71966)
  • THTR 20100 (CRN 71967)

3) Indiana College Network Online courses (various date ranges; most start 3/16/15).  These courses require a registration form from your advisor and a completed ICN form.  Both documents are then taken to STEW G-59 to register.

  • EAPS 10000
  • EAPS 19100 (usually taken with EAPS 10000)
  • MGMT 20000
  • OLS 27400

Certificate in Collaborative Leadership

From Prof. Heather Servaty-Seib: 

The Certificate in Collaborative Leadership involves a series of three credit-bearing courses.  All three courses can be taken to earn the certificate or they can also be taken as separate courses. The particular focus of the program is on the development of the interpersonal skills required for students to be effective leaders.  As we know, employers are continuing to indicate the need for graduates to have more training in one-on-one and small group communication skills.  This certificate is open to ALL Purdue undergraduates!

The three courses that make up the Certificate are:

    • EDPS 31500 Collaborative Leadership: Listening
      *meets the Oral Communication (OC) foundational learning outcome of the University Core
    • EDPS 31600 Collaborative Leadership: Cross-Cultural
      *meets the Human Cultures: Behavioral Social Sciences (BBS) foundational learning outcome of the University Core
    • EDPS 31700 Collaborative Leadership: Mentoring
      *is a service-learning course within which students serve as mentors to high need students on campus

Please see the Certificate in Collaborative Learning Website for more information about the program and each of the individual courses.  All three courses are offered each fall and spring semesters.  Questions?  Contact Prof. Heather Servaty-Seib!

Landscape Architecture Summer Course

From Robin Tribbett, Student Services Coordinator, Dept. of HORT and LA:

Landscape Architecture will be offering the 6-credit, 8-week intensive Summer 2015 course for all students interested in changing their major to pre-landscape architecture.  The course will prepare students to enter the sophomore landscape architecture courses.  Questions should be directed to Robin Tribbett who will put you in touch with one of the instructors.

LA 49000 Accelerated Fundamentals of Design & Com (6/15/15 – 8/4/15)

Lecture:   TWF 9:00 a.m.-10:50 a.m. in 101B HORT
Lab:         TWF 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in 101B HORT