Supplemental Instruction Linked Courses for Fall 2016

Supplemental Instruction is a free, peer-taught way to get extra help in what the university considers to be our hardest courses.  SI session change weekly to stay current with the material being taught in the course.  Schedules and locations of the SI sessions can be found using the Boilerguide app. Regular attendance is the best way to improve your grade from “meh” to “excellent”!

Remember: There are notes by each linked course in MyPurdue > Registration Tab > Look Up Classes link to remind you that the course has SI support.  SI linked courses for the Fall 2016 semester include:

  • MA 153, MA 158, MA 16010, MA 16020, MA 161, and MA 162
  • CHM 111, CHM 115, CHM 116, CHM 257, CHM 12901
  • BIOL 110 and BIOL 203
  • PHYS 172, PHYS 220, PHYS 241
  • ECE 201 and ME 200
  • CS 158, CS 159, CS 240
  • AGEC 217
  • ECON 251
  • STAT 225 and STAT 301
  • MGMT 200 and MGMT 201

Preparing for Exams (March 30)

The Academic Success Center is holding a FREE workshop entitled “Smart Studying: Effective Ways to Prepare for Exams,” just in time for finals preparation!  The workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 30th from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm in the UR Success Center (Shreve Residence Hall, room C107).  Although the workshop is free, registration is recommended.

Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule Now Available!

The Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule has been published!  You can see the exam schedules for both final and evening exams online:

  • Click on the PDF file version to see a complete alphabetic listing of all final or evening exams.
  • Click on “Final Exam System” or “Evening Exam System” to see your personal list of final or evening exams (through Scheduling Assistant).

Biology Help Room

From the Biology Counseling Newsletter, January 21, 2016: 

The Biology Help Room located within the Biology Resource Center (Lilly B-401) has tutors available to help with first- and second-year biology courses during the following times:

  • Monday – Thursday:                9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Friday:                                      9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tutors who speak Mandarin Chinese are available during the following times:

  • Monday          10:30am –   1:00pm
  • Tuesday            3:00pm –   5:00pm
  • Wednesday      1:00pm –   3:00pm
  • Thursday        10:30am –   1:00pm
  • Friday                9:00am – 11:00am

The rest of the BRC including the student lounge is open 24/7.  For more information, TA schedules, and listings of specific resources, check out the Biology Resource Center page!

Academic Help Resources Here!

Well, now that the first few weeks are over, you all have a good idea of which classes are going to be a breeze and which ones are, well, going to be a slogger.  Never fear – there are plenty of help resources on campus for every type of student!

A great primary resource for academic help is Student Success’s awesome site:  Workshops, free tutoring, tutoring for a fee, Help Room location and hours, Supplemental Instruction group learning sessions, and the BoilerGuide app to help you keep track of all of it.

Knowing about resources is your first step.  Using them consistently is the next step.  If one resource isn’t working for you, try another.  True learning is difficult – intelligence is something you build, not some fixed entity that chews on the info you pour into it!  Take ownership of your own learning, attend help resources regularly, and watch your study skills improve and your grades rise. 🙂

Supplemental Instruction Help (Spring 2016)

Are you taking any one of these courses for Spring 2016 and think you might need a little academic boost: BIOL 111, BIOL 204, CHM 112, CHM 115, CHM 116, CHM 257, CS 158, CS 159, CS 180, CS 240,  ECE 201, ECON 251, ME 200, MA 153, MA 16010, MA 16020, MA 161, MA 162, MGMT 200, MGMT 201, PHYS 172, PHYS 220, PHYS 241, STAT 225, or STAT 301?  Visit Purdue’s excellent Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions!  These are peer-led group meetings that review essential content covered in a given week’s lecture in fun and interesting ways.

Weekly study session and peer leader office hours are available at  The schedule and a handy map of the study session locations are also available on your smartphone via the Boilerguide app.  You can also use the app. to download session times directly into your mobile calendar for easy finding and reminding!

Will SI be useful for you?  Well, the SI Coordinator sums it up best:

 Last semester, 95% of the students who attended eight or more study sessions earned a C or better.  Of that same group, 76% earned a B or better, and 46% earned an A.

In other words, go to SI early and often for best results and a terrific semester!