Best Places to Study #1- Inside Edition

Hey guys, Brandon here! The weather is starting to get chilly and and we are just wrapping up midterms for the semester, so what better time to talk about the best (indoor) places to study!?

I’ve been told countless times by instructors, teaching assistants, and even other students of the importance of having a good place to study that isn’t your room or apartment. If you spend a lot of your time in one room, it’s going to be harder to focus and get your work done in a timely fashion. It helps me to really buckle down and focus when I’m somewhere quiet with few distractions.

For those of you in the res halls, the basements always have great lounge and study areas! Gather your books and your headphones and take a trip down there! You’re close to home still, but don’t have all the distractions that are in your room!

For those of you who are off campus or are looking for somewhere to go between classes, the periodicals (known to many students as “the stacks”) in the back of HSSE library in Stewart is by far my favorite place to go. There are desks along the side of the wall on each floor, and each one has a comfortable chair and bright light along with a large desktop space to spread out!

Next time you’re in your room and just can’t seem to focus, gather up your books and grab a coffee then head to your basement lounge or the stacks and get to work! It might be just what you need to take that B to an A!

One thought on “Best Places to Study #1- Inside Edition

  1. For me a coffee shop is perfect for studying, unless ambient noise is a distraction for you. Most coffee shops have WIFI, so you can access info with your laptop. Also music choices are almost always perfect for cramming some info into the old noggin.

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