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Recruitment Specialist and Ambassador Advisor for Exploratory Studies

Tips For The Common Application

Hello you lovely prospective students!

Can you believe it’s that time? It’s time to begin applying for college! As you most likely know, Purdue’s Application for Fall 2015 opened on August 1st, and we’re here to help you with the application process.

First things first, Purdue is part of the Common Application. For those of you not familiar with the Common App it’s just like it sounds–an application you can use for multiple colleges. And while not there are many schools–over 500 schools in the US–that do use the Common App, for those that do, this all-in-one application will save you time and frustration during application season.

Terms of Use

Once you have logged in to the Applicants tab, you can again search for your college(s) on the College Search tab and then add them to the My Colleges list.  The My Colleges list provides contact information for the school as well as deadlines and links to each section that needs to be completed for that school.

Your Purdue Common Application also serves as your application for Exploratory Studies. When applying for admission to Purdue, select Exploratory Studies as your intended major. All application materials are processed through the Office of Admissions and evaluated with a holistic approach.

Here’s the process for the Common App:

0)      Create an Account on the Common App website

1)      Complete Common App questions

2)      Complete Member Page questions

3)      Complete FERPA & Assign Recommenders

4)      Preview Application PDF and confirm it’s okay

5)      Pay or See Approved Fee Waiver

6)      Digitally Sign the Application

Then it is officially submitted!

*If an institution has a Writing Supplement, then you would complete that and submit it.  Purdue does NOT have a Writing Supplement for the 2015 application.

Should you need help, each page of the Common App includes help information relevant to whatever section of the app you’re currently viewing.  In addition, the Common App provides a Help Center for both Applicants and Recommenders (school counselors, teachers, other recommenders) available on both the Applicants tab and the Recommenders tab of the login screen.

You can apply by clicking on any of “the Common App” hyperlinks above, by going to www.commonapp.org directly, or by following the link available on the Admissions website, www.admissions.purdue.edu.

Good luck!!

Exploratory Studes Family Day 2014

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for Family Day on Saturday, September 6, 2014!  It is packed with fun activities, including Flicker at Fowler, Xtreme Bowling, the Boilermaker BBQ, a Purdue-sponsored tailgate, the football battle between Purdue and Central Michigan and so much more!  The complete schedule of events, R.S.V.P. links (for the BBQ), and parking information are available on the official Family Day website.

On Saturday, Exploratory Studies will be holding a Family Day Reception from 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in the Purdue Memorial Union West Faculty Lounge.  Join your favorite advisors and staff, as well as fellow explorers, for breakfast-style refreshments! At 10:15 a.m., we will be recognizing all of our Purdue scholarship recipients. We ask that you please R.S.V.P. at http://tinyurl.com/expl-family-reception.  Only one person from each family needs to R.S.V.P.  Please R.S.V.P. by August 29th.

Questions about the Exploratory Studies Family Day Reception?  Feel free to e-mail Amber Meyers at admeyers@purdue.edu.  If you have general questions about Family Day, click on the Family Day FAQ page for answer and contact information: http://www.union.purdue.edu/studentevents/events/specialevents/FamilyDayFAQ.html.

We hope to see you there!

Supply Shopping List

It’s hard to believe school is just around the corner! We sometimes get students that ask us what school supplies they should bring to Purdue—and sometimes we find that people didn’t bring some of the items we consider essential.  So, as the school year approaches and you’re going shopping keep this list in mind! Here’s your unofficial Purdue School Supply Shopping List:

3 hole punch
large envelopes for keeping nice papers neat
binder clips
binders or notebooks
both mechanical and #2 pencils
note cards
paper clips
pens–different colors too
planner** Purdue Promise students will receive a free MortarBoard, others can buy one at Walmart or the Purdue bookstores
rubber bands
white out

Is there anything else that you think should be added to the list? What do you think is essential? Feel free to comment below!


Exploratory Studies Peer Mentors

Now that STAR is over, do you have any lingering unanswered questions about Purdue? Or your residence hall, now that you know where you’ll be living? Or classes and help resources? Or just student life in general?? If you’d really like the student perspective, or you’re too embarrassed to ask your advisor something, then GOOD NEWS! Our Exploratory Peer Mentors group now has an email just for YOU, our incoming students!

Please feel free to send your questions to exploratory.mentor@purdue.edu. One of our awesome Peer Mentors will be in touch with you in a couple of days with answers. The address is also up on our Exploratory Studies home page!

STAR 2014 Information

STAR 2014 is quickly approaching!  We are so excited to start meeting you!  We hope you are just as excited to be at Purdue and start your transition to college.

*Don’t forget to complete your ALEKS Math Placement test AND your Pre-Registration Survey before you come to STAR!!

Remember to check the West Lafayette weather before your STAR day.  Bring an umbrella and plan to wear layers—the temperature can vary a lot during the day.  And don’t forget those walking shoes—there are lots of bus routes, but there is still a lot of walking during the day.  Don’t worry about getting lost, though.  We have that taken care of for you!

After you check in for the day you will hear a welcome presentation.  Then you will be escorted to our college sessions.   We will split the students from their families for our college presentations—we have written our sessions especially with both types of attendees in mind.

Students will then be taken through their STAR day activities by a STAR Ambassador.  Throughout the day you will meet with your advisor, eat lunch, take foreign language placement exams, visit a resource fair, and register for your Fall classes.  Your Ambassador will also help you learn about how to survive at Purdue when you get here in August.

Parents will be taken to the Family Track activities, where they will hear so much information to help their students that their heads may explode!

At the end of the day you will meet up together again, and you will all be exhausted.  But remember, it is worth it, because you will be a Boilermaker!