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The Exploratory Studies Program allows you to explore your options and interests before you select a major, giving you plenty of guidance along the way. You have up to four semesters to select the major that is right for you. We equip you to make informed decisions – saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Discover your strengths … Explore your options … Find your place at Purdue and your pathway to an exciting career in Exploratory Studies!


Exploratory Studies at Purdue University will be an exemplary advising program in the nation for exploratory students.


The Mission of Exploratory Studies at Purdue University is to assist and empower students to:

1.  Develop and implement individualized plans for academic success and personal and   career development, and

2.  Make a smooth and academically sound transition from Exploratory Studies to their chosen degree-granting programs.

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  1. I am a high school senior and expect to enter college in the fall “undecided.” My interests are varied and I have always thought that I would like to own a small business in the future. Your Vision of helping student find and transition to the right major is encouraging. I will be applying to Purdue in Exploratory Studies.

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