Certifying Enrollment at Purdue

Need to prove you’re a student to Health Insurers, Auto Insurers and others?  A service is being offered to students via myPurdue.  You will be able to print enrollment verification for health insurers and other organizations by accessing the Enrollment Certification area under the academic tab.  Select the Enrollment Certification area by clicking on National Student Clearinghouse.

Please note:  If you need your GPA information included on the enrollment certification, you still must visit the Office of the Registrar (Hovde Hall, room 45) so a signature can be obtained.

Fall 2016 Courses: HORT 49100 (2 courses)

Both of these courses are taught at the 10000-level and have no pre-requisites:

HORT 49100, CRN 16540
Medicine in the Garden (1 credit)
T 3:30 – 4:20 pm (16 week class)
Drs. David Rhodes and Joshua Widhalm

A survey of the uses and properties of horticultural plants for human health and well-being. Topics will focus on the close relationships between plants and human physiology, nutrition, medicines, mind-altering drugs, poisons, and beverages.

HORT 49100, CRN 16653
More than Kale and Brussel Sprouts (1 credit)
MWF 12:30 – 1:20 pm (Sept. 26 – Nov. 1; 5 week class)
Dr. Steve Weller

Discover the exotic world of vegetables. Interactive lectures and hands-on experience build the basis for life-long knowledge, culinary delight and healthy living. Learn the excitement of healthy foods.

Fall 2016 Courses: STAT 19000

From Prof. Mark Daniel Ward, Department of Statistics:

This is the official announcement that my new 1-credit STAT 19000 Data Analysis Seminar is now officially available for registration.

*** No assumed background or prerequisites are needed for this course!***

The CRN is 18874.  It will be taught on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am during Fall 2016.  The course will be driven by data analysis projects. There are currently 90 seats available in Stanley Coulter Hall (SC),  239.

This undergraduate seminar is open to all Purdue undergraduate students.  It will provide an introduction to topics from data science.  I will give a brief overview of topics such as R, data visualization, UNIX, bash shell, regular expressions, SQL, XML, etc.

If you want to get a better idea of the topics covered in STAT 19000, here are the 2014 and 2015 versions, available online here: http://llc.stat.purdue.edu/2015/29000/ and http://llc.stat.purdue.edu/2014/29000/.

Looking forward to seeing lots of interested students this fall!

Summer Job at the Horticulture Greenhouse (Summer 2016)

From the Biology Counseling Newsletter, April 14, 2016: 

Summer Jobs – Horticulture Greenhouse Team

  • 10-20 hours per week on weekdays and every third weekend.
  • Duties include watering plants, stocking, cleaning, trash, minor mntc tasks, beneficial insect release, drip irrigation installation.
  • Assist with research project.
  • $10/hour

Contact Rob Eddy at robeddy@purdue.edu  or pick up application at HGRH 1139B.  They hope to do interviews soon so contact him asap.