Summer Online Courses for 2016

Did you know that a list of all of Purdue-originated online summer courses is now available on the Digital and Professional Education page?   These are courses that have been developed by professors at Purdue University and are taught by Purdue University, but can be taken mostly or entirely online.  Please refer our Summer Course Tutorial, part II for information about how you can determine the differences between our various online courses!

Summer 2016 Course: ENGL 37300

ENGL 37300: Science Fiction and Fantasy (CRN 22397)
Module 1 (May 16 – June 10; 4 weeks)
MTWRF 9:50 am – 12:00 pm

In this course, we will consider how science fiction, in particular, teaches us to imagine the world from the perspective of another person – even one who might be radically different from ourselves! We will ask questions such as: Why are the alternate realities and worlds they present so appealing, even when they are frightening? What does our concept of the alien race tell us about the parts of our identity, as humans, that we find most central or important? We will begin with the classics, including Issac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. We will also cast a wide net to include the works of Octavia Butler and Ursula le Guin, as well as self-published authors like Andy Weir (The Martian). Finally, we will explore the works from science fiction directors like Joss Whedon and view recent movies about artificial intelligence (like Ex Machina).

For more information, contact Professor Robyn Malo.

Summer 2016 Course: ENGL 39600

ENGL 39600: Women and Games – Design, Development, and Play
Module 1 (May 16 – June 10)
MTWRF 12:00 pm – 2:10 pm

This course aims to look critically at the roles of women in games, in game development, and in the larger mainstream games community.  During the course of the class we will not only PLAY GAMES that focus on women, but also games that are developed by women.  During the course of the semester students will be required to write responses to reading and a final research-based project. Gaming experience not necessary.  Discussions will be held in virtual spaces. Contact Samantha Blackmon for more information.

Regional Campuses visit to Register WL Students for Summer Courses

A Reminder from the Office of the Registrar:

Admission representatives from the Purdue Calumet and North Central campuses will be available to register Purdue – West Lafayette students for summer classes on March 7th from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm in the East Foyer of Stewart Center (STEW).

Student who cannot attend the March 7th visit (or whose regional campuses are not visiting) can apply for summer at their respective regional campuses through these sites:


What Recruiters Really Think of Purdue Students

From Brianna Ruiz, CCO Ambassador and blogger: 

It’s been a crazy year of on-campus recruiting. In the Fall 2015 semester alone, we had 1,236 unique employers recruiting on Purdue’s campus, with thousands of students landing amazing jobs and internships. We asked employers what feedback they have for students interviewing, and here’s what they said!

EXPL’s Amazing Advisors: Sean Eddington

We’re starting a new series that is all about our amazing EXPL advisors! We’ll feature one of our current advisors in each post that will give you a chance to get to know them more. Be sure to check back for other stories from each of our advising staff.


This post is all about Sean Eddington!

Sean Eddington has been an advisor with Exploratory Studies since May 2014. Before he was an advisor, he attended our very own Purdue for a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in political science. While here at Purdue, Sean was very involved with student life and worked as an RA. This interest in leading and working with students carried on into his career as a graduate student at Northwest Missouri State University where he earned a masters in Higher Education Leadership.

Eventually, Sean found in way back to Purdue when a position in Exploratory Studies opened up.  “I looked at the possibilities of teaching, advising, coaching, and mentoring converging in one position and I jumped at it,” Sean said. “Those four pieces—teaching, advising, coaching, and mentoring–have been part of my professional DNA, and I’m my best professional self when I get to do all of those things in my work.  EXPL offered me an opportunity to practice those things daily with students.”

Sean loves working in Exploratory Studies because the students are spectacular, and it is especially great seeing them develop throughout their time in EDPS 105, or the academic and career planning class that all first year exploratory students are required to take. While all the moments are special to him, he said that the most rewarding times are when he sees students make connections in the classroom, whether that be finding a major that they love or rallying back from a low grade and succeeding.

The key to these successes is being a good Exploratory Studies student. According to Sean, students must be proactive, meaning they take an active role in their learning and research, adaptable, resilient, and have a spirit of adventure.

Sean also loves being back at Purdue, stating that the traditions and little markers of culture all around campus are what make it special. And of course, the Boilermaker Special driving around campus adds to the great atmosphere as well.

Looking back at his career, Sean said he wouldn’t change a thing. “Everything that I’ve done, my experiences (both good, bad, in between), and my adventures are all part of my story,” Sean said.  “Overall, it’s been funny, awkward, but a really neat journey.  Without my experiences, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m currently doing!”

-Written by Lauren M., sophomore