Snapshots: Pursuit of Purdue. Meet Julie!

Each month, we’ll take a look at some students who started their journey in Exploratory Studies. All of these students have found their perfect major at Purdue. Be sure to check out our blog for a new post that will feature a different student and their new major at Purdue.

Let’s meet Julie.

Julie Mohomad

“Julie Mohomad is a senior at Purdue, but a junior in her major, Interior Design. She’s also working on minors in both Psychology and Building Construction. She started out in Exploratory Studies in her Fall 2012 semester, and stayed an Explorer for three semesters, going into Exploratory Studies to see what her options were and to explore what Purdue had to offer. She believes that the most valuable thing that she learned in Exploratory was the information about all the majors Purdue has to offer and the sheer number of how many majors there are. Her favorite thing about being in Exploratory Studies were the career searches they did in the EDPS courses.

After her three semesters in Exploratory Studies, she CODO’d into Civil Engineering, but decided the engineering aspects weren’t for her, as she wanted to do construction and design. That’s when she went into Interior Design.

Julia enjoys Interior Design because it lets you be creative and you have a lot of opportunity to express yourself and develop your own sense of style. She says that people within the major generally consist of those with a creative mindset who can still think in terms of engineering and how stuff works. Last summer, Julia had an internship that involved working with fabrics and upholstery, consisting mostly of decorating. In the long run, Julia wants to work for a commercial firm and build and design restaurants and hotels.

To those thinking about CODOing into Interior Design or to those that already have, she has a few suggestions and tips. She wants those interested in the major to know that there’s a lot of projects that sometimes coincide, so at times it can be difficult to balance your schedule, and you might have to pull some all-nighters. Make sure to plan wisely! This is especially important in your junior year, as it has the heaviest course load of the years. In addition, she recommends you are constantly building your network and to make full use of it – it will definitely help you land an internship.

As a senior, Julia suggests to everyone (especially those in Exploratory Studies) to look into the majors of every school and explore for yourself – find out what they all have to offer. Learn about the majors and what it means to be in that major before assuming based off of the name or what you’ve heard before. Talk to people within that major and ask them to share their experiences.

Julie’s favorite thing about Purdue is the people: they’re always really nice and willing to help you out when you need it.”

Written by Liam P., freshman

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