Purdue’s New Welcome Center!

Purdue has opened a new welcome center! It is located in Purdue Memorial Union, Room 110. The new center is quite an upgrade from the old one that was located in the Northwestern Parking Garage building. The new location is a prime spot for visitors, as the Union is really the heart of campus.

Whether you’re a new student, old student, or just visiting Purdue’s beautiful campus, I recommend checking out our new Welcome Center. There is a conference area, lounge with a fireplace, and really cool interactive digital displays that showcase students, campus initiatives, and future plans for our university.


(Purdue University photo/Mark Simons)

Stop by PMU 110 and check out this state of the art facility, you might just find out something about Purdue that you didn’t know!

Boiler Up!


Purdue’s Featured Organization of the Month- Adopt-a-Grandparent

Happy March Everyone!

I hope all of you are surviving the middle of the semester with midterms, projects, and the crazy weather that Mother Nature has been dishing out! Just think spring break is just around the corner! With a new month, comes a new-featured Purdue organization of the month! This month’s featured organization is Adopt-a-Grandparent!

The purpose of the Adopt-a-Grandparent organization at Purdue is to  “encourage the development of meaningful relationships between the students of Purdue University and the residents of retirement communities in the West Lafayette and/or Lafayette community.”, as said on the organization’s website (Heinz, Catherine) . The organization nurtures these relationships by planning events like euchre night, knitting circles, and other fun socials throughout the year! Another great perk that this organization offers is the time commitment for students. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in Beering Hall, room 1268 at 6 pm. Other than attending the monthly meetings and visiting with your “adopted grandparent”, the time commitment is minimal.

One of the really cool things that I LOVE about this organization is that you can learn so much from your adopted grandparent! The elderly have plenty of life experience, wisdom, and hilarious stories to share. By joining the Adopt-a-Grandparent organization at Purdue, you will be able to learn new skills, make new friends, and encounter new life experiences that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. College is only four years… so make the most of it and experience as many things as you possibly can!

If you have any questions about Purdue’s Adopt-a-Grandparent, I’ve included a few resources that are helpful in learning about the organization. Check it out, get involved, and make a difference in someone’s life!




Until next time… Boiler Up!


Exploratory Studies, Class of 2017




Heinz, Catherine. “Purdue-University BoilerLink.” Adopt-A-Grandparent. Purdue BoilerLink, n.d. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. <https://boilerlink.purdue.edu/organization/adoptagrandparent/about>.