Classes 411: Resources

Hey everyone! Welcome back from break – I hope it was fantastic!

Seeing that the first round of class sign ups is over for everyone and the scary fact that it is Dead Week, this time I’d like to talk about class resources you can utilize to help you study! This will be short and sweet so as not to distract you too much.

First and foremost, your professors’ and TAs’ office hours are the best resources out there! They have them for a reason AND seeing that they are the ones with the foremost knowledge of test material, they are truly the best to ask. Here’s a tip: go in with questions prepared. Do not go in expecting them to reveal the whole test to you just because you graced them with your presence.

There are help rooms located all over campus for various subjects – all you have to do is find them. The math help room is a good example. It is located in the Math building (shocker) and is set up like a group study more or less. You sit at a table with a group of students just like you and when you come across a question you do not know you, one of the many TAs will come over to help you!

Perhaps you have a final paper due in a class in addition to OR instead of a final? Well, the Purdue Online Writing Lab is a indispensable resource that you should utilize to make the paper outstanding. The website itself ( is full of helpful tips and resources such as APA and MLA formatting and tutor resources. If you would like someone to proof read your paper, you simple have to make an appointment and experts in writing will help you!

I sincerely hope this helps you guys!

May the odds be ever in your favor J