Sophomore Leadership Learning Community

From the Office of the Dean of Students Civic Engagement and Leadership Development office: A great opportunity for soon-to-be sophomores!

Sophomores students can choose to live in this residence hall community that focuses on leadership as social change.  Students live and learn together through coursework, community service and other engaging opportunities outside of the classroom.  LLC students attend the EMV Leadership Retreat and take a Social Change City Trip to Indianapolis (fall) and Chicago (spring) to see leadership in action.

Want to know more?  Here’s a great FAQ with course info and living requirements: Sophomore Leadership Learning Community FAQ!  If you are interested in this opportunity, e-mail for an application.  Applications are due Nov. 25!

Freshman and Sophomore Registration Reminder


  • Sophomores begin registering through MyPurdue the week of Nov. 11 and
  • Freshman begin registering through MyPurdue this week of Nov. 18.
  • You must meet with your advisor prior to these dates to discuss courses and to receive your Spring Registration PIN.  Schedule this appointment by calling (765) 494-0843 or by using our online appointment calendar.

The exact date and time you personally can begin registering is listed on MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration Status link.  You’ll have until the following Saturday at noon to register for courses.  Then your Time Ticket window will close and your access to registration will end for a short time. 

Beginning Nov. 25, all students will be able to re-enter MyPurdue to make changes.  Waiting lists also open that morning.  More information about Waiting lists will be sent in a future blog posts.  We hear that some limited lecture & lab combinations might have wait lists connected to them.  Stay tuned!

New Real Estate Finance Class

Here’s a neat new course: MGMT 49000 (CRN 69668) Real Estate Finance and Investments, to be taught by visiting Prof. Steve Cauley from UCLA.  ECON 25100 is the only pre-requisite.  However, it is the opinion of this advisor that this course would be best suited to those students sophomore-age and older. :)

To add this course, you’ll need to first apply for an override at  Overrides will be granted after December 18th and notifications sent via Purdue e-mail.  This course does count toward a MGMT minor.  Curious readers, here’s the course description:

Can this course help you to get rich quickly? No!  But it can provide you with an in-depth knowledge about investing in an exceptionally important class of assets that represents a relatively large fraction of the wealth portfolio for individuals, firms and the economy as a whole.  Successful real estate investing is a key to wealth acquisition for many individuals, firms and the economy.

The objectives of this course are to: provide the student with an understanding of the concepts, principles and terminology of real estate finance and investment.  And, develop the ability to apply these principles to the problems encountered when investing in real estate.  The course is made up of an eclectic set of topics, topics where finance and economics provide insights into the working of real estate markets and/or the desirability of real estate investments.  The course will consider both real estate investments and development. 


“Life After College” Workshop

All Purdue students are invited to a workshop held by representatives from TEKsystem. It is designed to help you develop your own distinct personal “brand”.  Attend one, two, or all three sessions!

Wednesday, November 13 in Stewart Center, room 218

  • 12:30 – 1:20 p.m.    What Matters to you Most – and Why?
  • 1:30 –    2:20 p.m.    How to Land your Dream Job
  • 2:30 –    3:20 p.m.    Make the Transition from Student to Professional

Freshman: it’s never too early to start thinking about how you can distinguish yourself from your future job competition! :)

Pre-Professional Updates

First, you are probably wondering what do we mean by “pre-professional”?  The Pre-professional advising offices assists any student who is interested in eventually attending graduate school for medicine, law, veterinary science, or any of the other myriad human health fields (like physical therapy, dentistry, chiropractic medicine, etc.). 

So . . . if you are one of these ambitious folks, what events are coming up especially for you?  Well, how about these:

  • Pop-in Friday: Dec. 6 from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. on the 4th floor of Young Hall.  Stop by for free popcorn and answers to your questions provided by the always-knowledgeable and friendly Pre-Professional advising staff!! 
  • A new pre-law intro class, Law School Exploration: GS 49000, CRN 12266
  • Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Planning Seminar: BIOL 39600. For students closer to applying for medical, vet, dental, etc. programs.  Information about completing applications, writing personal statements, preparing for interviews, and more.
  • Remember: if you want to keep up with ALL of the pre-professional news, tailored to your needs, please join their listserv:  This link will take you to a survey and then will sign you up for the listserv that best fits your needs!


Classes 411: College of Ag

It’s Madi again! We are now ringing in November, which means there is not much time remaining in the Fall Semester. Where has the time gone?

This time around I’m going to talk specifically about some interesting agricultural classes. If you are not in the College of Ag, do not turn away! Many of these classes can apply to various requirements for many majors. In fact, I am in the College of Health and Human Sciences and I have taken one.

First and foremost, AGEC 217 is a classic economics class and Dr. DeBoer is a great professor with a flare for teaching. He typically teaches a power hour and his teaching style will not only keep you entertained, but also help you grasp the concepts much easier.

My second suggestion is ENTM 105. Yes, this is an entomology class or better known as Insects: Friend and Foe. Insects are not just tiny annoying creatures; to quote the Lion King they play an important part in the “circle of life” and can aid in crime scene investigations. However, if you have a phobia of insects, keep in mind that you will be required to keep a cockroach as a pet. Who knows, this could be your chance to face your fears.

Unfortunately, the last class I will be promoting is not offered this spring, but keep an open eye come next fall. ENTM 218 is the Introduction to Forensic Science. In this class, you will learn everything pertinent to the crime scene. You will learn everything from data collection at the crime scene to behavioral analysis of the culprits. This is not CSI; it’s better. It’s real.

I hope these suggestions help you in your pursuit of a wonderful education here at Purdue!

Until next time!