Classes 411: College of Ag

It’s Madi again! We are now ringing in November, which means there is not much time remaining in the Fall Semester. Where has the time gone?

This time around I’m going to talk specifically about some interesting agricultural classes. If you are not in the College of Ag, do not turn away! Many of these classes can apply to various requirements for many majors. In fact, I am in the College of Health and Human Sciences and I have taken one.

First and foremost, AGEC 217 is a classic economics class and Dr. DeBoer is a great professor with a flare for teaching. He typically teaches a power hour and his teaching style will not only keep you entertained, but also help you grasp the concepts much easier.

My second suggestion is ENTM 105. Yes, this is an entomology class or better known as Insects: Friend and Foe. Insects are not just tiny annoying creatures; to quote the Lion King they play an important part in the “circle of life” and can aid in crime scene investigations. However, if you have a phobia of insects, keep in mind that you will be required to keep a cockroach as a pet. Who knows, this could be your chance to face your fears.

Unfortunately, the last class I will be promoting is not offered this spring, but keep an open eye come next fall. ENTM 218 is the Introduction to Forensic Science. In this class, you will learn everything pertinent to the crime scene. You will learn everything from data collection at the crime scene to behavioral analysis of the culprits. This is not CSI; it’s better. It’s real.

I hope these suggestions help you in your pursuit of a wonderful education here at Purdue!

Until next time!


Purdue’s Featured Organization of the Month- Musical Organizations

Hello Everyone!

My name is Susannah and I’m the newest contributor to the Exploratory Studies Blog. I’m so incredibly excited to share my experiences at Purdue with all of you and can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

One of the coolest things Purdue has to offer, besides awesome academic programs and school spirit, is the endless amount of organizations that students can be a part of. There are over 900 organizations at Purdue. From ballroom dancing, coffee club, Purdue Art Community, and College Mentors for Kids, Purdue has an organization for everyone! Also, if for some reason none of these organizations suit your interests, students can create and be in charge of their very own organization. Whether you join or start your own organization, everyone wins when they get involved!

The first organization that I’m exploring for the month of November is Purdue Musical Organizations. This organization is near and dear to my heart because I’m involved in University Choir, one of the five choirs the organization offers. PMO was first established in 1891 with the Purdue Varsity Glee Club being the first choir at Purdue. Over the years the organization has grown to be five choirs strong. These include the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, the Purduettes, University Choir, Heart and Soul, and the All Campus and Community Chorale.

Purdue Musical Organizations is internationally recognized for excellence in all aspects of musicianship. This excellence is proven in every show that the choirs perform. One of the most well known shows the organization performs annually is the Purdue Christmas Show. This year is the 80th Anniversary for the Christmas Show and is sure to be spectacular! Students, Faculty, and members of the community have spent countless hours preparing for the Purdue Christmas Show simply because they love to sing, perform, and are passionate about the organization. The Christmas Show is on December 7th with times at noon, 4pm, and 8pm, and December 8th at 2pm. Tickets start at just $26 for adults! This is a definite must-see for those of you who want to get into the Christmas spirit J

If you want more information about the Purdue Christmas Show or Purdue Musical Organizations, visit their website at: or stop in and visit one of the choir rehearsals going on at University Church on Grant Street. You may just see me there 🙂

Happy Fall!


P.S. T-minus three weeks until Thanksgiving!