Our Amazing Ambassador Anne

This month’s Ambassador of the Month goes to Anne!


Name : Anne Miltenberger
Year : Senior
Major : Early Childhood Education & Exceptional Needs
Why did you pick Exploratory Studies? : I was a clueless high school senior! My interest were all over the place and I just didn’t think I could deiced on my the rest of my life as an high school student. Picking Exploratory Studies has been the best decision I’ve made at Purdue!
Favorite Food : Apples!
Favorite Place on Campus: I love the John Purdue Fountain. It’s like a little oasis in the rush of the Memorial Mall. It’s a quiet place amid the busy campus.
Favorite Sport : Swimming. I’ve been a swimmer since I was 7 years old.
Fun Facts Time! :  My family is awesome and huge. I have almost 30 cousins!

Best Places to Study #1- Inside Edition

Hey guys, Brandon here! The weather is starting to get chilly and and we are just wrapping up midterms for the semester, so what better time to talk about the best (indoor) places to study!?

I’ve been told countless times by instructors, teaching assistants, and even other students of the importance of having a good place to study that isn’t your room or apartment. If you spend a lot of your time in one room, it’s going to be harder to focus and get your work done in a timely fashion. It helps me to really buckle down and focus when I’m somewhere quiet with few distractions.

For those of you in the res halls, the basements always have great lounge and study areas! Gather your books and your headphones and take a trip down there! You’re close to home still, but don’t have all the distractions that are in your room!

For those of you who are off campus or are looking for somewhere to go between classes, the periodicals (known to many students as “the stacks”) in the back of HSSE library in Stewart is by far my favorite place to go. There are desks along the side of the wall on each floor, and each one has a comfortable chair and bright light along with a large desktop space to spread out!

Next time you’re in your room and just can’t seem to focus, gather up your books and grab a coffee then head to your basement lounge or the stacks and get to work! It might be just what you need to take that B to an A!

The “It” Places Around Campus #1

Hey everyone, it’s Kaleigh again! You might remember me from an earlier blog post in which I was introduced as one of the Co-Chairs for the Exploratory Studies Ambassadors. Beyond fulfilling my lovely duties as a Co-Chair, I will also be posting on our awesome blog! I’ll be focusing on all the wonderful places to study, hang out, and have fun here at Purdue University.  Some of these places may even be unfamiliar to a lot of students who have been here for a long time! There are a lot of really interesting spaces and places on this beautiful campus, as you will see.

As an added little bonus, I will also be posting a funny meme once a week because who doesn’t love memes?! I think they are hilarious and they are a nice way to hopefully brighten your week. So be looking out for those weekly memes too! 😉

The first place I am featuring is the Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics. I actually just recently discovered this awesome library, and it is my new favorite place to study! It is located on the second floor of the Krannert School of Management building, which is right across the street from the Union. The Parrish Library was completed in 2012 after a $4.2 million renovation project. According to the Library’s official site, some of its features include “state-of-the-art facilities, including the Steelcase LearnLab IMPACT classroom, modern conference rooms, and integrated group study spaces”.  As is expected in a library, there are many computers – most of which are iTap computers completely open to students of all majors (requiring a username and password of course) – and a wide selection of books and journals.

Beyond this, it is super easy to find as well! When you walk in the main door on the north side of the Krannert building, you will see a white spiral staircase. Make your way up the winding staircase, and you have reached your destination! As soon as you land on the floor of the library, you will see a wide array of different sections to pick from. There are comfy booths, benches, chairs, and private cubby-holes all around the library which are perfect for a quiet place to study, relax, eat a snack, or even take a quick nap in between classes! The modern decorations and features of the library create a really unique environment and calming atmosphere. Check out some of these pictures to get a little preview of how beautiful the new library is before you explore it for yourself! I hope you enjoy investigating this new space as much as I do.


3       4     parrish-cafe     2

Classes 411: HORT360, THTR133, EAS106

Hey guys Madi here! I hope you guys are as excited for autumn, costumes and free candy as much as I am. I know it is hard to believe that October Break is this weekend (thank goodness!), but personally I find it’s even harder to believe that we will be signing up for spring classes soon! In fact this Monday, October 7, the registrar will open up the classes for all Purdue campus to see, enjoy, and fret over. Don’t stress your self out too much, though. Not only do you have access to Purdue’s Scheduling Assistant to take some of the tedious work away but you also have me to help you find fun, easy, and/or interesting classes to take to fill requirements and discover different courses you didn’t know Purdue had. Or if you’re looking to maybe come to Purdue next year, you’ll already have a perfect guide for classes to take!

Though I have not taken this class myself, I have only ever heard great things about it: HORT360 Flower Arranging. It is exactly how it sounds; a class that teaches you how to arrange flowers in great designs. It’s a lot of fun and requires minimal out-of-class work.

From personal experience, I know this next class is a blast. THTR 133 Survey of Acting is a great way to meet new people from all majors and basically just have a great time. Naturally, you have to memorize lines and perform in front of the class but don’t let that turn you away. You practice in class a LOT, get feedback, and practice yet again. Everyone is in the same boat as you; no one is a professional actor. Students take this class to have fun and believe it or not you actually learn real life skills that apply to any career (don’t believe me? Consider public speaking).

Last but certainly not least, there is EAS106 Geosciences in the Cinema in which you get to watch disaster movies and then discuss if this could really happen. What more is there to say? You had me at disaster movies. But in all seriousness, this is a great class to take to learn more about the Earth we live on and participate in class discussion.

Every month I will be discussing different classes you won’t want to miss out on so don’t worry, there is plenty more where that came from!

Meet Our Ambassador Bloggers

With such a large campus, it’s hard to keep track of everything that happens at Purdue. We’ve gathered some of our Exploratory Studies Ambassadors to post once a month on certain topics. Let’s meet our  first 2 bloggers, shall we?

 Meet Madi Herman


Hometown: Needham, IN

Major: Psychology / Pre-Med

Year: Senior

Blogging topic: Classes galore at Purdue from how to pass the classes you’re in to what fun classes to take next semester. (or when you come to Purdue!)

Fun fact: I have been in karate for 13 years now. Even though I’m away at college I still stay involved.

Meet Sarah Kober


Hometown: Grand Haven, MI

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

Blogging topic: Clubs and Organizations

Fun fact: I studied abroad in New Zealand Spring 2013.


Stay tuned to meet the rest of our Ambassador Bloggers and check out our blog every week for their posts!