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Finding a Major

Deciding your college major is an important task, but it need not be overwhelming. The Exploratory Studies staff has found that students who approach finding a major as an active process requiring their time, energy, and attention are generally successful. No one has a crystal ball to tell you what major is right for you — you have to find that out for yourself.

Listed below are some suggestions to assist you with your search:

  • GS 11900 (Introduction to Academic Programs at Purdue) is a one-credit, pass/no-pass course offered every fall and spring semester at Purdue. Taking the class is a great way to learn about Purdue’s colleges, schools, and majors.  In fact, guests across campus are invited to attend most GS 11900 class sessions.  GS 11900 presentations are also recorded and are available for viewing through the Course Reserves at the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education Library (HSSE; located in the Stewart Center under the mural).
  • Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) Web site offers helpful information to help you find a major that is right for you.
  • Perhaps your interests are focused in a certain area (i.e. science, computers, art, etc.) but you aren’t sure what majors Purdue offers in that area. The Office of Admissions website has organized Purdue's 200+ majors into different categories. 
  • Some students know what they like to do, but have trouble connecting their likes and dislikes to majors. "Take a Quick Quiz" to see how your interests connect with Purdue majors (Holland) and careers (O*Net). 
  • College/School websites contain academic major information. Select the college/school of interest or "Academic Catalog" under Colleges and Schools.
  • Knowing the major that interests you and finding it on Purdue’s Web site are two different things. Fortunately, the Academic Advisor's Resource Guide has links to all of Purdue's plans of study.  Starting in the fall of 2013, all plans of study will be restructured to include the University Core Curriculum
  • If you are curious what Purdue graduates earn right out of college, check out the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) annual Post-Grad Salary Survey
  • Wondering what kind of careers and jobs a specific major prepares you for? The links below will help you answer that question:

What Can I Do With This Major? (Albion College)
What Can I Do With a Major In . . . ? (Miami Univ. )
Major Resource Kits (Univ. of Delaware)