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Your Purdue E-mail

E-mail is the official main communication portal between Purdue offices and students.  Exploratory Studies Advisors recommend that students check their Purdue e-mail at least once a day to ensure that they don't miss important academic announcements and course updates.

Admitted students (including beginning, transfer, re-entry, and re-admitted students) must reset their password to begin recieiving Purdue e-mail of any kind.

Purdue does have some rules governing the use of e-mail.  It's important to review these before using Purdue's e-mail system. 

Forwarding to your Purdue e-mail address

If you want to forward e-mail from other accounts to your Purdue account (i.e. your “@purdue.edu” address), edit your preferences for that e-mail service to send e-mail directly to your Purdue account.

How to forward your E-mail to another e-mail address

  1. Go to ITaP’s Secure Purdue homepage.
  2. Click on the link “Change Your Password.”
  3. Login using your current Purdue Career Account username and password.
  4. Look for the “Your Account Tools” tab, and then below it, click on the link to “Change Mailbox.”
  5. Click on the option to forward your Purdue e-mail to an e-mail address of your choice.
  6. Save Changes and then Logout.

Admitted students (including beginning, transfer, re-entry, and re-admitted students) who are setting up their accounts for the first time would follow steps #1-4 above. They would then click on the radio button for Purdue myMail Service.” Until this is done, students will not be able to receive or read any of their Purdue e-mail.