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Advising for Exploratory Students on Probation

As an Exploratory student, your academic progress is monitored each semester you are enrolled. If you are placed on academic probation, you will be contacted by your advisor asking you to complete Laying Tracks.  Laying Tracks is a program that includes five exercises that will help you better understand why you may be experiencing problems, calculate the grades you will need to get off probation and goal setting for future success.  It is important that you meet initially with your academic advisor during the first two weeks of the upcoming semester!

When you meet with your advisor, please be prepared to discuss academic strategies and discuss any problems or concerns you may have regarding:

  • Identifying common causes of low grades
  • Prediction of semester grades
  • What do you need this semester to get off of probation (GPA Calculator)
  • Time management plan
  • Probation facts

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