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Foreign Language Placement

Students who have had two or more years of a foreign language in high school must take Purdue's placement exam before they can enroll in a class at Purdue in that language. There is no charge for taking an exam. If students have taken the foreign language Advance Placement (AP) exam, their score will indicate placement into the proper Purdue language course and they don't need to take Purdue's placement exam. The Office of Admissions has information about how AP exam scores translate into Purdue courses and credit.

NOTE: Native speakers are not eligible to be tested in their native language. Also, students who have college credit in a foreign language on their transcript may not take the placement exam in that language.

Placement exam information

*A signed Form 231 is required for all of these exams; please contact your Exploratory Advisor for this form. Be aware of other requirements detailed on the School of Languages and Cultures website for individual exams.

American Sign Language (ASL)

Students may contact Raymond Olson, the ASL Challenge Test Coordinator, for more information on advanced placement in Purdue's American Sign Language (ASL) courses. It is generally given at least once each Fall and Spring semester.Please note this test will not award credit for any ASL course.

Chinese for Heritage Speakers

Students who have acquired some oral language skills from home or other sources, but have graduated from a secondary school where the main language of instruction was English may contact Prof. Daniel Hsieh or Prof. Wei Hong for more information.

Other languages taught at Purdue


Students may contact Prof. A. Idrissi Alami, the Arabic Language Coordinator.

Greek (Ancient), Hebrew (Biblical and Modern) & Portuguese

Placement exams in these languages are available during Fall and Spring semesters. Students may contact the School of Languages and Culture at (765) 494-3828 for more information or to arrange an exam.

Other languages not taught at Purdue

Students who are proficient in languages that are not taught at Purdue may be able to receive Purdue credit and/or have certain degree requirements met. This will depend on the college/school they CODO into when they leave Exploratory Studies. For more information, contact an academic advisor in a specific Purdue college/school.