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CODO (Change of Degree Objective) Procedures

The process of "CODO'ing" from one college/school to another involves completing required paperwork and visiting the advising office in both your "old" college/school and your "new" one to obtain official signatures.

How to CODO:

  • Research your new college or school's CODO requirements. If you have questions, contact the advisor of the new college or school.
  • Print out the Change of Curriculum Form. Write in your name and PUID, then enter the old and new college information under item #1. Sign your name at the bottom and fill in the date.
  • Then, obtain two signatures on the Change of Curriculum Form:
    • One from your Exploratory Studies Advisor (to CODO you OUT).  Please make an appointment with your advisor at (765) 494-0843.
    • One from an advisor in your new college (to CODO you IN).  Attend a CODO meeting or schedule an appointment if a CODO meeting is not required.
  • Once you have both advisors' signatures, take the Change of Curriculum Form to the Registrar's office in HOVDE 45.
  • Check your Academic Profile on MyPurdue under the Academic Tab to confirm your new college or school. This may take a day or two.

Please note the following: 

  • CODO papers are only valid during the semester in which they were requested.  If you are denied CODO, you may try again, but must file new CODO papers for that semester. 
  • CODO'ing cannot prevent a student who is on academic probation from being dropped from the University.