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Registration is the process of selecting courses, reserving space in those courses, receiving a schedule, and paying fees. You are not officially enrolled until fees are paid.

Step-by-Step Process

Research on your own.

Create a long term plan.

Schedule an advising appointment with your advisor.

  • Using your advisor's online calendar, schedule a half hour appointment.
  • Make note of the day/time of your appointment in your calendar or phone.

Attend advising appointment with advisor.

  • If you're running late to your appointment, please call the office (765) 494-0843.  Missing your appointment wastes your advisor's time and prevents other students from being able to find time to schedule.
  • Come prepared to your advising appointment.  Bring plans of study, list of courses, MyPurduePlan semester plan, questions, etc. WITH YOU to your advising meeting!!!
  • At this meeting…
    • You and your advisor will discuss course selection.
    • You and your advisor will discuss your long terms goals and your advisor will offer insight on your semester plan.
    • You may obtain CODO papers if you need them.
    • You will leave with your registration PIN.

Register for courses.

  • Just before your time ticket opens.
  • When your time ticket opens.
    • Go to MyPurdue, click on the Academic Tab, then on the Add or Drop Classes link. Enter your registration PIN.  Type in CRN numbers and submit to officially add your courses!
    • If you experience an error registering, refer to the Registrar's Add Error page for a solution.

Update your long term plan.

Pay fees.

  • To avoid being dropped from your schedule, pay all fees through the Bursar's office.