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Students - 35 Things to Do Before the First Day of Classes

  1. Sign up for and attend Boiler Gold Rush. 
  2. Learn how to use myPurdue inside and out: https://mypurdue.purdue.edu . . . 
  3. . . . And make any course time changes, drops, or additions before the first day of classes! 
  4. Contact your roommate, discuss what each of you will bring, and start to set ground rules. 
  5. Exchange e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers with friends so you can stay in touch. 
  6. Check your Purdue e-mail a few times a week during the summer for updates from your advisor, the Registrar, the Bursar, etc. 
  7. Start training yourself to get up at the same time every day – the earlier, the better. 
  8. Really get to know the websites of the majors you are interested in investigating. 
  9. Set up your computer or laptop for “school mode,” complete with folders for classes, bookmarks to the Blackboard and USP sites, updated address book, academic calendars, etc. 
  10. Learn to do laundry to avoid the “pink sock” catastrophe. 
  11. Read Purdue’s Common Reading, plus a couple of fun books. 
  12. Have a “Going to College” party! 
  13. Plan out a weekly budget (food, fun, clothes, books, items for class, software, etc.). 
  14. Buy your books – used, if possible. Explore online resources for good deals. 
  15. Open a checking account and credit/debit card account and review with your parents how to maintain them. 
  16. Spend quality time with your family, friends, and relatives. 
  17. Put permanent identification on valuable items (TV, computer, bikes, etc.). Register these items online with the Purdue Police: http://www.purdue.edu/police/ (see bottom left column). 
  18. Set up appointments with your home doctor, dentist, allergist, etc. Make sure you have all immunizations. Gather all medical documentation and necessary medicines to bring to Purdue. 
  19. Have your eyes checked and get glasses or contacts, if necessary. 
  20. Be ready for Indiana weather – buy an umbrella, rain and snow boots, a hat, and a warm coat. 
  21. Locate your classes and plan your routes – study a map, go to the buildings, and find the rooms. 
  22. Buy a Mortar Board planning calendar from one of the campus bookstores. 
  23. Start a regular exercise routine. 
  24. Buy a Purdue sweatshirt. 
  25. Find some posters and stuff from home to brighten your residence hall room. 
  26. Plan out your CityBus routes (to class, to the mall, to Wal-Mart, etc.) 
  27. Learn “Hail Purdue,” the Purdue fight song, and the Purdue Hymn. 
  28. Pack items everyone forgets: hangers, power strip, extension cord, a fan, hair bands, etc. 
  29. Don’t believe everything you hear about college – college is what YOU make it. 
  30. Do believe the part about studying a lot and having to manage your time well. 
  31. Get video-gaming, TV watching, You-Tubing, and Facebooking out of your system. 
  32. Memorize your PUID (Purdue University Identification) number. 
  33. Buy a loud alarm clock - two if you are a really deep sleeper. 
  34. Set personal, academic, and social goals for your first year of college. 
  35. Have fun!

Updated 12/13/13 Created by staff; jrr Hail Purdue!