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Essential Websites for New Boilermakers

Below are websites that we recommend that you explore and bookmark (or memorize) before arriving on campus in the fall. Feel free to share these with your friends in other majors!

Purdue University Home Page (www.purdue.edu): The gateway to all (web) things Purdue.

MyPurdue (https://mypurdue.purdue.edu): Your online student academic portal. Use this site to look up and plan your course schedules, register for classes, view financial aid awards, and research our 880+ student activities and organizations.

Schedule Revision Calendar (http://www.purdue.edu/registrar/Calendars/index.html): Know your drop and add deadlines!

MyMail (https://mymail.purdue.edu/)

Blackboard (http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard/index.cfm): Purdue’s Course Management System, which you’ll use in many of your classes (including EDPS 10500) to see grades, read assignments, and post homework.

Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP; www.itap.purdue.edu): Use this website to change your password (required every 120 days) and request computer help. Also includes computer lab and printer locations and availability, online computer shopping, discounted software (like MS Office), and wireless services information.

Purdue Student Health Center (https://www.purdue.edu/push/): An overall good website to have bookmarked in case medical or psychological issues arise.

Personal Counseling Resources (http://www.purdue.edu/advisors/resources/counseling.html): Help with everyday and crisis issues.

Other Important Websites

Advanced College Credit (http://www.admissions.purdue.edu/transfercredit/collegeboardap.php): AP course credit, IB, dual-credit class credit, and transfer credit.

Advanced Credit Exams (http://www.purdue.edu/odos/testingcenter/advancedcreditexams.php): These earn you Purdue college credit in specific Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Speech courses. Includes testing dates, times, study guides, calculator restrictions, and pre-registration sign- up online. Click on “Exams Given by Department” to see the Physics and Speech exam info.

Bursar (http://www.purdue.edu/bursar/): Includes a tuition calculator, as well as information about installment plans and money management.

Campus Map (http://www.purdue.edu/campus_map/)

Center for Career Opportunities Web Site (http://www.cco.purdue.edu): Career and major decision-making resources, job fairs, salary data, industry information, and more.

Disabilities Resource Center (http://www.purdue.edu/odos/drc/): The place to go to obtain accommodations for temporary (e.g. broken leg) or permanent disabilities.

Financial Aid and Student Employment Offices (http://www.purdue.edu/dfa/)

Housing and Food Services Web Site (www.housing.purdue.edu): Order your loft, look up daily dining hall menus, and check out BoilerTV schedules here.

International Students & Scholars (http://www.iss.purdue.edu/): Visa information, support services, and activities for students new to the U.S. and Purdue.

Learning Communities (http://www.purdue.edu/studentsuccess/orientation/learning_communities/): An opportunity to live and learn with a small cohort of students, which enhances your Purdue academic and social experience.

Study Abroad Programs (http://www.studyabroad.purdue.edu/): Explore the world and earn credits.


Updated 12/13/13 Created by the Exploratory Studies staff; jrr