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Offices to Know

Distance Learning Courses

Distance Learning Center, Stewart Center, Room G-59 (496-1698)

Distance Learning delivers college courses to you from accredited colleges and universities as internet courses.  Courses are virtually the same as taught on campus, but a physical distance separates the instructor and you.  The Indiana College Network (ICN) provides you access to over 1,600 distance learning opportunities from Indiana's colleges and universities throughout Indiana, including more than 130 courses with Purdue equivalencies. 

A list of distance learning courses and other pertinent information may be found at the Distance Learning website.

Dean of Students Testing Center 
Schleman Hall, Room B42 (494-1146)

Provides individual vocational interest, aptitude, ability, and personality tests for career planning and academic purposes administers advanced credit exams in conjunction with academic departments and CLEP exams, independent study exams, coordinates national pre-professional entrance exams: GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, and NTE. 

Disability Resource Center 
Young Hall, Room 830 (494-1247)

Any student with a documented learning disability or attention deficit disorder who attends Purdue may receive assistance through the Disability Resource Center.

  • Documentation of the learning disability/attention deficit disorder is required. 
  • Students are asked to sign an Authorization for Release of Information form for notification letters to be sent to their instructor(s) of appropriate academic adjustments. This release of information form must be signed no later than the end of the second week of classes of a regular academic semester, or by the end of the third class meeting of courses less than sixteen weeks in length. If the student has signed the form allowing release of information, his/her instructors and academic advisor will receive a letter from the ODOS specifying the academic adjustments that are required. Whenever possible, letters will be sent to instructors and academic advisors by the first day of class each academic term.

Disability Resource Center specialists are available to provide a variety of support services. Some of these include:

  • Extended time testing site
  • Tutoring options
  • Coordination of resources for students
  • Consultation with faculty and staff to obtain appropriate academic adjustments and assistance for students
  • Taped textbooks
  • Red-tape cutting
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy; assistance so that the students can become their own advocate.

The Assistive Technology Center (Room 111, Stewart Center) has specialized hardware and software that allows students with disabilities to use computers in a way comparable to their non-disabled peers. 

Schleman Hall, Room 230 (494-7094)

Offers academic assistance to low income or first generation college students, including:

  • Providing tutors for all classes
  • Operating a resource room with an extensive test/course file for its students
  • Offering courses in study skills and computer literacy
  • Peer mentoring

Office of Admissions 
Schleman Hall, Room 109 (494-1776)

Connecting link between students interested in attending Purdue and schools within the University. Interprets educational background of incoming students and evaluates transfer credit. 

Office of the Registrar
Hovde Hall, Room 45 (494-6165)

  • Manages class registration
  • Maintains academic records
  • Provides academic progress reports
  • Issues grade reports
  • Maintains directory-type student information
  • Provides transcript service and certification of good standing
  • Coordinates commencement exercises
  • Coordinates change of degree objective process
  • Coordinates academic records and associated activities within the four regional campuses