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Laying Tracks

Welcome to the Laying Tracks program!  This is Exploratory Studies' innovative and proven program to help you get your grades back on rails toward graduation.  It includes thought exercises and advisor support designed to help you examine the causes of your particular academic situation, calculate the grades you'll need to quickly get off probation, set realistic goals, and build back your confidence.

FAQ’s about Probation and Laying Tracks

Directions for completing Laying Tracks:

Please thoroughly read all emails regarding your academic standing from the university and from your advisor.

Your first step is to complete the Academic Intervention Assessment survey by January 10, 2016.  Then complete each of the Laying Tracks Steps below.  Once you've finished filling out the exercises in Steps 1 - 4, set up an hour-long appointment with your advisor using our online appointment system.  You can even set up an appointment in advance, as long as it occurs before the end of the second week of classes (January 22, 2016). 

We think that Laying Tracks is so important that we will hold your Summer & Fall 2016 registration PIN until you've finished the exercises and met with your academic advisor.  But we know that you're so motivated to improve that we'll see you all before January 22nd

STEP 1 – How did I get here?  Reflections on last semester (Word) (PDF)*

STEP 2 – How do I get off of probation?  Probation Policy Overview & GPA Calculations (Word) (PDF)*

STEP 3 – What resources are available to help?  Academic Success Resources (Word) (PDF)*

STEP 4 – How do I put it all together?  Goal Setting, Action Steps, and Follow up Plan (Word) (PDF)*

*You can type directly in the PDF files before printing.