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Preparing for Exams

It's five minutes before your exam starts, are you ready?  Do you feel confident?  Preparing for exams is a process that begins well before your exam date (or the night before).  This 8 day study plan will help you both prepare and evaluate your study habits.


  1. Begin your calendar at least five days before the exam date.
  2. Insert the date for each calendar day.
  3. Under PLANNED, lay out your "game plan."  Include:
    • Exam topic.
    • Time dedicated (and if possible, when) to each task.
    • Materials needed.
    • Reward.
  4. Under REALITY, write what you actually did.
  5. Evaluate your plan.  How realistic was it?  Do you need to start earlier?  Did you include all important materials?  Did you include different types of study methods such as study groups?  What will you do differently next time?

8 day study plan example