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Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer McDonaldAcademic Advisor 

 YONG 831 
(765) 494-0843
E-mail: jmcdonald@purdue.edu



I was born in Indianapolis, IN.  After bouncing around to various cities in Indiana (including Bloomington), I now call West Lafayette my home.


M.L.S., Library and Information Science, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

M.S.Ed., Educational Psychology (Counseling), Purdue University

B.A., Psychology, Purdue University


I have been advising and teaching college students for over 12 years.

Advice for the Future Boilermaker

  • Be open to learning . . . from everyone and everything.  This is harder than it sounds.   It takes real, consistent discipline and humbleness.  Be curious and pro-actively engaged in your education.  Talk to a lot of people to see how they perceive issues.  Ask a lot of questions and don’t assume that you know something until it’s confirmed.
  • Be realistic.  Recognize and respect your strengths and your limitations.   Ignoring your limitations might set you up for frustration and a low GPA (which will, in turn, prevent you from moving to a better-fitting major).  Realistically knowing yourself allows you to be open to new opportunities that you never realized existed.
  • Be patient with the career exploration process . . . and yourself.  Career exploration can sometimes seem like a “hurry up and wait” proposition.  Everyone wants you to pick a major - right now! :)  But what you really need to make a good career decision is experiences, information, and especially time.  My advice is to get involved on campus and explore careers early and often.   It’s the best way to winnow out poorly-fitting majors, to figure out who you are, and decide what you want. 

Fun Facts

I have exhibited the stereotypical indecisive personality since I was a kid.  For me, this means that I have a lot of interests which ebb and flow into the foreground depending on the week, including film, music, science, social dance, fashion, education and learning, travel and culture, history, and literature.  I have two cats who spend a lot of time hissing at each other and cuddling with me (often at the same time).