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A wide range of courses are available to Exploratory Studies students. In fact, Purdue offers nearly 6,100 courses in more than 200 specializations! Your Exploratory Studies advisor will help you make good course selections that will lead you toward the major that is right for you and will lay a solid foundation for your academic endeavors.

First-year Coursework
First-year coursework for Exploratory Studies students varies, with each student’s schedule tailored to his or her individual interests. The courses available to Exploratory Studies students fall into three types:

  • Academic, career, and life exploration coursework. All first-semester Exploratory Studies students, including transfer students, take Academic and Career Planning, EDPS 105. Designed specifically for Exploratory Studies students, this class offers many career-exploration activities, such as interest inventories, personality testing, and values clarification. 
    • EDPS 10500 does not have a textbook, but rather an in-house Course Packet that includes all materials, assignments, and career assessments used during the class.  It generally costs around $60.  Students should purchase it from the BoilerCopyMaker the week before classes begin.
  • General requirement courses, such as English composition and mathematics, necessary in most Purdue schools.  Students entering Purdue in Fall 2013 will use the new University Core Curriculum.  Students will choose from an ever-growing list of courses within specific categories.  These categories will be built into all Fall 2013 degree Plans of Study
  • Electives that lay the groundwork for many majors and introduce you to various fields of study. Your electives may include beginning classes in biology, chemistry, communication, history, languages, psychology, and many others.

Sample plan of study