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Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University

Ever True concludes at $2.529B, $500M beyond goal.

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done,” as the saying goes. Congratulations, “Ever True” Boilermakers! We did it!

Ever TrueThe Campaign for Purdue University is in the record books as the largest fundraising effort in Purdue history.

Launched in 2012 and publicly announced in 2015, the campaign inspired Purdue alumni and friends from 113 countries, all 50 states, and all 92 Indiana counties to surpass the ambitious goal of raising $2.019 billion by 2019, during our sesquicentennial celebration—“150 Years of Giant Leaps.” This accomplishment also comes during the 50th anniversary of the original “giant leap for mankind,” when alumnus Neil Armstrong became the first man to land a spacecraft on the lunar surface and walk on the moon.

This is our time, our moment to savor our collective success. Together, we made history at this pivotal moment in the University’s ongoing chronicle of learning, discovery, and engagement as Indiana’s land-grant college. The campaign also has created momentum for the future through its three priorities: placing students first, building on our strengths, and championing research and innovation.

Just as every ending is a new beginning, again we raise our song anew, ever grateful and ever true. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the University we love—and its future.

Hail Purdue!

A Campaign Success Message from Purdue President Mitch Daniels

A Campaign Success Message from Purdue President Mitch Daniels

#EverGratefulEverTrue Buzz

Lori McDonough @lorimcdonough
Absolutely gorgeous day to register our baby Boilermaker! #5for5 #evergratefulevertrue #classof2023
2:27pm ▪ 25 Jun 2019

Lori McDonough

Christian Iversen @8296iversen
Had a lot of fun marching with the AAMB for the last time. I am grateful for the amount of opportunities I've had with this department. I will definitely miss this band (especially the saxes!!!). Can't wait to watch this band's performances as a fan. #aamb #indy500 #evergratefulevertrue #old
5:45pm ▪ 26 May 2019

Christian Iversen

Purdue Vet Med @pucvm
The First Dog of Indiana toured the Purdue Veterinary Hospital to see what’s planned for our upcoming additions. Stay tuned for even more highlights from Henry Holcomb’s visit, & #BoilerUp#grateful #leaveaprint @FirstDogHenry 
8:32am ▪ 24 May 2019

Purdue Vet Med

Jen Schneider @jschneider4g
So this happened today!! so much to celebrate and look forward to....she’s always had big dreams and that’s just one reason why we love her so much!!️ #boilerup #purduenursing #proudparents
10:38pm ▪ 12 May 2019

Jen Schneider

Jeff Sanford @jetsanford
Happy 150th Birthday, @LifeAtPurdue#EverGrateful for all I learned and experienced at the best school in the country! Thanks for keeping a world class education affordable while inspiring us all to #TakeGiantLeaps#HailPurdue
11:18pm ▪ 6 May 2019

jkrippen @jkrippen
Look what I found on the shelf of a music library in a small town in southern Minnesota! #BoilerUp #HailPurdue
1:31pm ▪ 28 Apr 2019

Hail Purdue

Emily Bondus @audigirl282
Well Purdue...clearly you know the way to get me to donate.... Purdue Socks!!! Ready to Boiler Up and Hammer Down the Vols! #purduerocksmysocks #hailpurdue #sweetsixteen
12:18pm ▪ 28 Mar 2019

Emily Bondus

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