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Responsibilities of a CSA

What to do if you are a CSA:

  • If you are a CSA, you are required to report relevant crimes of which you are aware to campus police in a timely manner. Reports should be "in good faith," meaning you may not be sure if the crime occurred but you have reasonable grounds for believing it is possible and not simply a rumor or hearsay. If you witness a crime, become aware of a crime or someone else reports a crime to you, you must report the incident to campus police.
  • Ensure timely notification of crimes to allow the University the opportunity to decide whether or not a community Crime Alert should be issued. Timely reports also assist in maintaining accurate crime data.

What NOT to do if you are a CSA:

  • CSAs are not responsible for solving the crime. You should not determine if the crime actually occurred, prove that the crime occurred or attempt to find the perpetrator of the crime.
  • You should not try to convince a victim to contact law enforcement if the victim chooses not to do so.

What to do if you are not a CSA

If you are not a CSA, you are not required to report incidents divulged to you. However, you can still advise the victim that he/she can individually report the crime (anonymously, if preferred) and encourage him/her to seek further help, counseling and support services. Please refer to the "resources" section for contact information of support services.

Report any Clery Crime of which you are aware in a timely manner