The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program teaches students how to develop the products, technologies and companies that create value in society. Through a portfolio of courses and experiential programs, students learn to turn their grand ideas into action.

This is Purdue’s largest cross-campus program. Students from all majors acquire the professional skills demanded by employers in today’s marketplace through courses, capstone projects, internships, mentoring, study abroad and internship offerings.

It’s time to take control of your plans and turbocharge your degree.


In multidisciplinary courses, students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation to enable them to create economic and social value from their knowledge.


Students learn from the experience of educators and business professionals, who have records of success and are passionate about teaching and mentoring students.


Through team-based projects, students apply their knowledge and skills to developing business ventures with real-world potential, while enhancing their own career opportunities.

Student and Alumni Successes

Interesting Facts

New students in our introductory entrepreneurship course each semester (ENTR 20000).
Students involved in Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses each year.
Academic Programs represented in multidisciplinary entrepreneurship classes.
Students who report that the skills and knowledge acquired through the program will be useful to their future careers.


What Participants Are Saying

In just 10 months after graduating and completing the program, I starting working for a company where I’ve been able to pitch improvement ideas to the president, work on inbound marketing with the marketing department, and give weekly updates on my project’s status to the project’s investors, while working on a team that I help coordinate.

Shawn Greene
I believe my entrepreneurship education really impacted me in the professional world. To be more specific, it has helped me grow confidence when meeting other professionals. Also, my presentation and leadership skills have grown because of the teamwork within the certificate classes. Overall, the certificate program has given me an edge!

Marisa Strupp

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