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Student Data

Consolidated Enrollment
The Enrollment Report reflects semester enrollment data with regional campus inclusion of student comparative credit hours, ethnicity, residency, part time and full time, facts at a glance, and much more.

The Institutional Profile provides comprehensive information on incoming first-year students as well as national normative data for similar types of schools. Topics covered include: secondary school achievement and activities; educational and career plans; parental income and education, ethnicity, and other demographic items; financial aid; and values, attitudes, beliefs, and self-concept. This report provides information that can be used for student assessment activities, accreditation and self-study reports, campus planning, and policy analysis. Separate profile reports are generated for first-time full-time freshmen, first-time part-time freshmen, transfers, and all respondents. Comparison groups in the first-time, full-time freshmen and all respondent reports are nationally-normed to reflect the American first-time full-time freshman population.

Credit Hour Report
The credit hour report summarizes number of credits and enrollment by student classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, etc), full-time/part-time status, gender, degree and curriculum.  Credits are defined as number of hours a student is registered for the term. 

Data Digest
Purdue University Data Digest is in its twelfth edition which provides current information on a variety of topics for the Purdue University System campuses, with a special focus on the West Lafayette campus.( Webpages hosted by OIR.)

Degrees Conferred
Official degrees awarded at the time of the end of term snapshot date.  Total number of awarded degrees as well as number of students earning a degree are reported.  In the case of students’ completing requirements for multiple majors, the awarded degree total will count multiple degrees.

Enrollment Summary
The Enrollment Summary is a 2 page quick fact sheet of Purdue - West Lafayette enrollment figures released each fall by student classification, gender, residency, College or School, ethnicity, and much more.

Graduate/Retention Rates
Graduate/retention rates by class, college or school, etc...

Historic Undergraduate Cost of Attendance
Break down undergraduate cost of attendance by resident & nonresident, tuition & fees, books & supplies, etc....

Student Aid

Student financial aid awards broke down by scholarships and grants, loans, work study, etc...

Historic Financial Aid Awarded to Students (Coming Soon) 
Break down of total and average financial aid awards by undergraduate, graduate/professional, and all students.

Other Data:
Admitted Student Survey '11
Freshman Enrollment Map Fall '11
Undergraduate Enrollment Map Fall '11

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