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Six Sigma

In the spring of 2012, Enrollment Management started certifying staff as Six-Sigma Green Belts.  Six Sigma is a business management strategy that uses statistical measurement aligned with customer requirements to improve processes.  Below is a list of completed Six Sigma Green Belt projects in Enrollment Management.

Reduce the time of producing Admissions dashboard report.
Yu, X(2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette.

SATS employee orientation.
Smith, Y. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette.  

Reduction in the percentage of processing errors.
Tarrh. M. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

Decreasing percent of transferred out calls by 50%.
May. J. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

Reduce time producing reports based on annual tables (ATABS).
Huser. J. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

An examination of cohort default rates: A casual analysis for prevention.
Howells, J. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

Correcting document reduction report.
Seem. E; (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

Streamline incomplete applicant follow-ups.
Vazquez. E. and Love, A. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette. 

SATS cross program communication project.
Haywood, A. and Swartzendruber, E. (2012). Purdue University-West Lafayette.