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You will be able to find recent research from Purdue University.

AP Score 3 Analysis
Students taking an AP exam and earning a score of 3 are evaluated for course success in the Purdue course which only accepted a score of 4 or 5. An AP score of 3 was not accepted and therefore the student was required to register and complete the associated AP directed course.The analysis showed a predominant number of students who score a 3 on the AP exam earn As and Bs in the associated AP directed course. Especially in BIOL 11000, CHM 11500 & 11600 and ENGL 10600, over 80% of the students earn an A or B grade.

Fall 2011 Admitted Students Enrolled at Another Insitution
Results from the National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker depicts which other higher education institution a Purdue admitted student enrolls.  The majority of Fall 2011 admitted students decided instead of Purdue to choose University of Illinois – Urbana, Indiana University or Ohio State.  Most of these students are non-resident students (56%) which indicates the student decided to stay in-state as opposed to going out-of-state to Purdue.

Fall 2010 Average Credit Hour Distribution
The Four Year Completion Rate study conducted at Purdue, showed students who attempt 16 credit hours or more earn a higher semester GPA.  This report complements the study results by showing student’s attempted credit at the college level.  Measuring student success by semester GPA, the data shows in a vast majority of colleges, the students perform at a higher semester GPA when attempting 16 or more credit hours as opposed to 12-15 credit hours.

Enrollment Summary
The Enrollment Summary is a 2 page quick fact sheet of Purdue - West Lafayette enrollment figures released each fall by student classification, gender, residency, College or School, ethnicity, and much more.

Enrollment Reports
The Enrollment Report reflects semester enrollment data with regional campus inclusion of student comparative credit hours, ethnicity, residency, part time and full time, facts at a glance, and much more.

Graduate/Retention Rates
Graduate/retention rates by class, college or school, etc...

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