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Enrollment Management Analysis and Reporting - Cognos Documentation

Cognos Documentation

Cognos 10 Consumer User Guide

Cognos FAQs

What is Cognos?

Cognos is a multi-part, web-based reporting tool for student data.

  1. Cognos Connection is for running existing reports.
  2. Report Studio is for writing managed reports. Its license includes the use of Cognos Connection.

The data in the reports comes from the Operational Data Store (ODS). Banner feeds data into ODS on a nightly basis, so information entered by users into Banner one day is available through Cognos Connection the next day. Users cannot change or delete data in Cognos, so it is safe to run reports and change options as much as you need.

Banner to ODS to Cognos


Request a Cognos License

Before starting, you need to have current FERPA and GLBA certifications. Please note that they expire yearly. You can check on your certification status, here:


You should receive a notice approximately 30 days before expiration. Be sure to re-certify when you receive the warning so that your access to student data will not be interrupted. Then to receive a license, your supervisor must fill out the role request form for you:



Join Mailing Lists

As a Cognos Consumer, you should subscribe to the following mailing list:


If you are a Cognos Report Studio user, you should subscribe to:


Once you’ve selected the appropriate link, you’ll see a subscription section. Enter your email address and name. Please do not use your career account password as your Mailman password.

Click “Subscribe.” 

Mailman will send you a confirmation email. You can either just hit “Reply” and then “Send” without modifying the message, or follow the link in the message to confirm your subscription.

You will receive a follow-up Welcome message. Please save this message for future reference.

All Cognos users should sign up for outage notices. Cognos outages are communicated through the ITaP Outage Notification listserv. If you haven’t already, please add both the Cognos Reporting Tool and the Banner ODS lists to your subscriptions.

Go to: https://www.itap.purdue.edu/infrastructure/operations/change/calendar.cfm and then click on, “Outage Notifications Sign Up” on the top left corner.


Get More Help

Please send any questions about student data, validated reports, or Cognos training needs to:

The CognosStudentHelp email is not meant for requesting data or reports. Data requests should still be directed to the appropriate office.

For summary level student data, current admission data, or any frozen official data, please use our online form at:

For individual student-level data, please use the Office of the Registrar online form at:

For all graduate student data, please use The Graduate School’s online form at:

Schleman Hall


Request data

Training Schedule

Cognos Documentation