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2010-2014 Enrollment Management Strategies

Purdue Plan Goal:

Deliver and coordinate efforts that broaden the pipeline and increase the number of pathways that qualified students, as future leaders and workers, use to enroll at Purdue.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Increase collaboration and consistency of messages among Purdue’s early outreach activities that encourage college aspiration, preparation and planning; support and participate in state, federal and selected community-based pre-college programs.

2. Streamline transfer processes and enhance transfer recruitment.

3. Insure that pre-college messages are congruent with the authentic student experience and convey the institution’s high expectations and strong support for its students.

4. Support summer and online enrollment as means to shorter time to degree and expanded enrollment.

5. Inform, influence and support public policy that enhances academic preparation and affordability.

6. Ensure robust infrastructure to further develop non-resident, high ability and diverse pipelines.

Purdue Plan Goal:

Manage and match the available financial resources to achieve the University’s student enrollment goals.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Inform and influence key decision makers on the need for additional institutional resources for financial aid.

2. Support and influence fund raising activities, particularly for unrestricted scholarship major gifts.

3. Continue to enhance clear and transparent communication to students and parents regarding scholarships, other aid and affordability.

4. Adjust packaging policies as determined by data analysis and institutional goals to provide for the optimal utilization of funds.

5. Educate students and families on college costs, available resources and strategies for financial planning.


Purdue Plan Goal:

Deliver and coordinate efforts that increase student learning, success, and enhance the student experience, culminating in the completion of a degree.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Develop and support tools, policies, communication strategies, offerings that support on time degree completion

2. Support assessment and continuous improvement of academic success programs across the institution.

3. Support programs for students from first-generation and low-income backgrounds that intentionally link financial with academic/social support efforts.

4. Enhance financial literacy using tools and programs and ensure students understand their continued financial aid eligibility


Purdue Plan Goal:

Deliver and coordinate efforts that increase the diversity of Purdue University’s undergraduate student body via recruitment and retention programs that target specific and historically underrepresented and underserved populations.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Ensure that recruitment and retention activities are sensitive to and inclusive of the breadth of student diversity that includes racial and ethnic minorities, faith traditions, both national and international geographic diverse regions, sexual orientation, the range of socio-economic background and gender diversity in fields in the various fields of study.

2. Collaborate with others across campus in these efforts, including the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the academic unit multicultural programs and Student Affairs.

3. Develop and measure success of targeted and segmented recruitment, financial aid awarding and other retention efforts.


Purdue Plan Goal:

Use technology to expand service to a 24/7 model that fosters self-responsibility among today’s students/tomorrow’s leaders.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Explore and implement mobile applications as appropriate.

2. Support online and hybrid instructional delivery.

3. Fully implement an online comprehensive academic planning and authoritative degree audit tool.

4. Solicit and use feedback from multiple constituencies to determine priorities for streamlining and automating processes.

5. Use Lean and Six Sigma methodology to streamline and automate processes and to ensure regulatory compliance and error reduction.


Purdue Plan Goal:

Recruit and retain a talented, well-trained and diverse staff.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Identifying essential skills for current and future workplace.

2. Hire for and develop staff capabilities to meet operational and strategic needs including succession planning.

3. Developing financial and other reward structures to retain staff.

4. Implement a comprehensive performance management and evaluation system across the EM units.

5. Provide and support opportunities for: * Campus-wide committee membership and/or leadership * Professional organization membership, active participation and leadership * Research and findings dissemination activities – especially via publications and presentations


Discovery with Delivery

Purdue Plan Goal:

Commission, conduct and disseminate findings associated with research that advances exploration into and broadens the knowledge base associated with the Core Enrollment Management areas of responsibility.

Related Core EM Goals:

1. Present and publish on scholarship of student success to internal and external audiences.

2. Participate in Ellucian Community Source Initiative.

3. Report on and disseminate enrollment management information and accomplishments.

4. Participate in development and implementation of business intelligence.

5. Better identify and utilize campus resources to enhance and sustain these efforts.

6. Seek and secure external funding for discovery efforts associated with programs, research and/or services associate the Core Enrollment Management areas of responsibility.