Bravo Awards FAQ

What is the deadline for nominations?
The next deadline is TBA.
Who can receive the award?
Any staff in Enrollment Management who have completed three months of service at Purdue.
How can I earn an award?
Through a nomination by another staff member or yourself for award criteria that have been separated into four categories:
  • Moving the University Forward: Accomplishments or contributions that transform or advance University objectives (i.e., initiatives that improve graduation rates, development of programs to measure student academic knowledge, enhancing the academic excellence of the University, improving student affordability, etc.).
  • Operational Excellence: Extraordinary effort during times of critical department need (e.g., contribution that clearly and significantly exceeds standard job requirements and impacts the accomplishments of important and critical business operational goals and deliverables).
  • Innovation/Creativity: Innovative work or suggestions, well beyond standard job requirements, that significantly improve operational efficiencies, introduce a new or modified business practice or improve work process, workflow or customer service.
  • Fiscal Stewardship: Significant cost saving or cost avoidance realized beyond normally expected or established standards.
Can I nominate myself?
Can I nominate more than one Enrollment Management staff member?
Who selects the recipients?
A committee comprised of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and directors of Enrollment Management units. Committee members are not eligible for the awards.
What is the value of the award?
Four levels of Bravo Awards will be available: $250, $500, $750, and $1000.
How will I receive my award?
Amount awarded will be processed with your regular compensation amount on your pay stub. Bravo Awards are subject to applicable tax withholdings and W-2 reporting. Your net pay will reflect your regular compensation plus the additional Bravo compensation less applicable taxes.
How often will awards be available?
Nominations for and selection of Bravo Award recipients is annual.
Who can I contact for additional information or questions?
Dana Beck -
For more information, please visit the Purdue Bravo Award web site.